*The Friendship & Networking Club (POC/WOC/Anybody Welcome!) *




Hello, world,

Are you looking for friendship, networking, reading & writing advice, etc?

Anybody that’s interested in these topics–

Come join the club!

Hopefully, this group can grow a following and we’ll chat and have fun on and off Wattpad and other social media sites too!

Let’s Meet!


Be nice.

Respect each other.

No promoting your work.

Yes, you can talk about your writing process & what you write.

Let’s encourage active participation.

Tell others about this club.

This a new group & we’ll trying to grow a following!


Hi there!




Hi, welcome!




bump. Anybody interested in joining?


Hi everyone, I’m interested in joining.

I noticed this club and thought you might like a more colorful banner image. Feel free to save and use this one to replace the one above.


Edit: This one is more inclusive:





Hey welcome!


Hi! Welcome to the group!

Hope more people join. Sure, I like both pictures for this group! I’m going to use both! I just threw the other pic up there–to emphasize the name. lol



Does this club have it’s own Wattpad Page or book? Or, is there a concerted space where there are rules of engagement, such as a group chat? How would you like to proceed?


Right now, the group is just on this thread. I do have a brand new Facebook group called Platinum Royalty Social Connections too. I’m trying to reach out and bring in new members. I would love to grow the group here and also interact on this thread and on the Facebook group for in depth conversation and networking, etc.




Hey everyone!


Hiya! How’s it going! :slight_smile:


Hello welcome!


Hello, welcome to the club!


Thank you! How’s it going? :slight_smile:


It’s good. hoping more people join the group! How’s it going with you


I’m great! Thanks fo asking! Doing anything right now?