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Yes, I’m always doing something. I’m updating my Facebook group and updating my story on Wattpad. What about yourself?


That sounds great! I’m just editing my chapters and writing my novel. What do you write about?


I write in different genres. Paranormal/YA/thrillers/mystery/urban etc. I’m revising stories and writing more at the same time. I’m working on a YA story and a mystery/thriller story. Do you write different genres or do you prefer to just dabble in one genre?


That sounds great! Currently I’m just sticking to one which is romance/teen fiction. But I used to write Paranormal.








Hello again. How are you


Im good hbu


Ok now.


What kind of topics do anybody want to talk about? I also have a brand new Facebook group–where anybody can talk in depth about whatever.




Hi everyone!!


Hello, there