The Game


  1. b)
  2. c)
  3. b)
  4. c)
  5. a)
  6. b)
  7. a)
  8. c)
  9. c)
  10. b)



  1. Are you male or female*?
    b) female

  2. Do you like boys, girls, or both?
    a) boys

  3. Are you older or younger than 18?
    uh, this is kinda strange to answer. My American age is 17 (7/7 is mah birthday), but I live in Korea and my age there is 19. WHAT DO I DO
    let’s just say b) younger

  4. Are you short, tall, or average height for your age?
    a) short

  5. What color are your eyes?
    a) brown

  6. What color is your hair?
    c) light brown (I dye it sometimes soo)

  7. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
    c) a mixture of both

  8. How smart are you?
    b) I am above average xoxo tyvm

  9. How sane are you?
    c) I am perfectly sane.

  10. Why did you want to join this dating simulator?
    e) I saw this ad that, like, said I’d meet my soul mate here, so that’s why!


why do I feel like this will turn out to be a bloodbath with only two boys in here


he llo y o u


Two boys? I’ll take both :joy: Ain’t gonna have a love triangle when I’m in there lol


@phvcyv gReEtInGs

@Angelic_Vamp i’m watching youu ┬┴┬┴┤ ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)


bumping this because i caN’T WAIT DAMMIT


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@Lumi status update?


tfw you forgot this existed

Let me go update the tally and see if I’m good on votes.


This is the most up-to-date version.

As you can see, questions 4 and 8 are tied.

Should I break the tie myself or let someone else vote?

  • Lumi, please break the tie.
  • Let someone else break the tie.

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~ Results ~

Based on the results, our character will be a heterosexual female who is older than 18. She is average height for her age. She has brown eyes and dark brown hair. She’s a mix of both introvert and extrovert. She has an above average level of intelligence. She’s in-between sane and insane. Lastly, she joined the dating game because she was bored and this seemed like a fun thing to do. (Tie had to be broken for two questions.)

Lumi will be adding a few more questions soon. Stay tuned!


I’m tired of manually tallying stuff up, so here are some polls:

  1. How old should our shared character be?
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • 24
  • 25

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Considering how old some of my characters are, we’d run into a age gap if we went any older.

  1. Choose one of the following names that I have generated:
  • Aimee
  • Laci
  • Monika
  • Sonia
  • Yazmin

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  1. Where should this chaotic game take place?
  • On a deserted tropical island with limited resources.
  • Underground in a dystopian world.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club
  • In outer space, far away from planet Earth.
  • At a haunted hotel where ghosts are said to roam freely.

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let’s go on a quest for the ultimate alien babe :alien:


No Doki doki club. From the gameplay it creeped me a bit (although I do like Yandere simulator)


b) female
a) boys
b) younger
a) short
a) brown
a) black
c) a mixture of both
b) I am above average (and I probably wouldn’t admit it if was below average).
b) I am in-between.
b) I’m bored, and this seemed like a fun way to spend my summer.

edit: feel free to ignore bc i never realized how late i was oops


i love mystic messenger oops sorry


all the doki doki refs i am happy


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