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~ Results ~

Based on the last three polls, our shared character will be a 19-year-old girl named Monika.

The dating sim will take place at a haunted hotel where ghosts are said to roam freely.

Lumi will be adding a question regarding the suitors soon. Stay tuned!


~ Meet the Suitors ~

Suitor #1:

“On the outside, he’s cold and ruthless, almost a killer, in fact. But deep down, he has a warm and caring side, with a heavy heart filled with regret. Will your love for him be the thing he needs to bring him out of the dark or will he stay as twisted as he always is?”

Suitor #2:

“He views himself as a gift from the heavens because he believes that if he didn’t exist, life would be so boring. You might want to be careful with him, though, because he views love as a game and he’s more than willing to play you for a bit. Will you manage to beat him at his own game or will you end up as another one of his lovelorn victims?”

Suitor #3:

“Once a successful business man, this suitor is down on his luck and seeking love. He’d do anything to rekindle his passions for life even if it means experimenting at times. Don’t let his age fool you. He’s got a young heart. However, his beliefs can be old-fashioned at times, so he’s very stubborn and demands to be the one in control. Can you teach him to loosen up and love again or will his old heart stay bitter and cold?”

Suitor #4:

“A man with questionable morals. He believes that staying loyal to your own values is far more important than following the flimsy ideals of good and evil. Known for his sharp mind and even sharper tongue, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Due to his own morally gray past, he’s not one to associate with people, but can you be the first person that he allows into his life?”

Suitor #5:

“Just a small town boy with huge dreams of becoming a successful author. He’s convinced his dreams will come true because he views his writing as second-to-none, and his big ideas don’t stop there. He uses fantasy as a way to escape a world that he thinks can’t appreciate him, and he’d love to bring a woman into his fantasy. A huge romantic at heart, but his trouble with words only makes him come across as creepy or trying too hard. Will you be the first to see the way into his heart or will you run away at the sight of his many, many flaws?”

It is up to you guys to decide which of these lovely suitors you’d like to encounter in the game.

The three suitors with the most votes will be included in the game.

Choose wisely.

  • Suitor #1
  • Suitor #2
  • Suitor #3
  • Suitor #4
  • Suitor #5

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(I actually know who almost all the suitors are and I personally think 2 and 4 are the most entertaining to play with.)



Because he’ll bring the best drama with him. :rofl:


… Fair.

I changed my vote I wanted to see suitor one but he’s not as good as five. xD


@Lumi Is it one vote or can I choose two?

(Frankly all lol)


You can vote for up to three suitors in the poll.

So, choose the three you like the most. :lumi:


@Lilly_B_L Break the tie and choose 3 guys! (that kind of rhyme)


Are these suitors from Mystic Messenger? XD (never played it, but I watched my sister play it.)

Suitor #2 sounds like Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club~ :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Two of the suitors are from stories of mine, one is from a failed collab, one is from an RP, and one belongs to a friend who let me include their character in this. Their names/ages will be revealed after the poll closes. :lumi:


Can I preemptively vote to run away from suitor 5?


Probably not since I can’t see into the future.

Still have no idea what the choices will be.


~ Meet the Suitors Results ~

Suitor #5
Votes: 8
Name: Tim Fortes
Age: 17
Creator: Xenoclea

Suitor #1:
Votes: 6
Name: Daniel Harris
Age: 25
Creator: Lumi

Suitor #2
Votes: 6
Name: Quinton Garnett
Age: 18
Creator: Lumi

Suitor #4
Votes: 4
Name: Charles Wagner
Age: 24
Creator: Lumi

Suitor #3
Votes: 2
Name: Luigi Ricci
Age: 49
Creator: Lumi


In conclusion, Tim Fortes, Daniel Harris, and Quinton Garnett will be in the game.

Charles Wagner and Luigi Ricci have been eliminated.


Lumi will be posting the first part of the adventure as soon as they can. Stay tuned!


The Game

After spending a few weeks at home, scrolling through stories on Wattpad, you found yourself growing bored. Sure, there were plenty of completed books to keep you busy but you were dying to know what was going to happen next in Naked Survival Showdown. It was a story you never imagined yourself liking, but after a few installments, you were hooked. Your mom suggested you leave the house and try to catch up with old friends since you had all gone separate ways for college, but it seemed like your college was the first one to finish.

Maybe it is time you got a snack. When did you last eat again?

Your fingers instinctively reach for your phone to check the time. It is only 1:26pm. This calls for an afternoon snack. Before you were able to pocket your phone again, a text appears.

Bored? Looking for something to do this summer?

Sign up for The Love Games and find your dream hottie!

You never remember giving your number to a program like that. Was it some kind of scam?

It did sound kind of interesting, though.

The last time you hooked up with someone was high school, two years ago.

  • Text: “I’m very interested. Sign me up.”
  • Text: “How’d you get my number?”
  • Text: “What kind of hotties are you talking about?”
  • Close your phone and grab a snack.

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