The Game



Lol, I actually changed my answer. :joy::joy::joy:


Yasss, food for the win!


The Game

As tempting as the message was, you decide to give in to your hunger and grab a snack.

A short trip to the pantry later, you return to the family room with a bag of chips in your hand.

While you were scavenging for snacks, your phone had buzzed two more times.

You swipe up on the screen, glancing at the messages while continuing to snack.

If you sign up now, you’ll get an all expenses paid trip to this season’s games where you’ll have the chance to woo one of three hotties in one of the most scenic locations in the world.

This offer will expire in 5 minutes. We are eagerly awaiting your response.

  • Text: “I’m very interested. Sign me up.”
  • Text: “Where is this happening?”
  • Text: “What’s the catch?”
  • Text: “How’d you get my number?”

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yes I’m forcing you guys to text now no more snacks


The Game

Your fingers dance across the screen before you tap “send”.

"What’s the catch?"

It was the first thing you thought to ask, and being as practical as you are, you figure it was an innocent enough question to ask. After all, things like these are usually too good to be true.

Faster than you’d expected, you receive a reply in response.

There is no catch, but if you don’t reply soon, we’ll give your spot to someone else.

  • Text: “Okay. I’m in.”
  • Text: “As much as I want to join, this all seems so shady.”
  • Text: “Why me?”

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I’m gonna keep pissing them off lol!


Same here, Angel @Angelic_Vamp :joy: That’s the first thing I ask :joy:


i’m loving this.

this would be a cool visual novel


The Game

"Okay. I’m in."

Not even two seconds later, you receive a response.

We will send someone shortly to pick you up. Bring only yourself.

You did it. You finally did it. After so much stalling, you finally gave in.

For some reason, you feel as if a lot of people are more excited than you are about this.

And then, you had your next logical thought of the day.

Should I text my mom that I’ll be going away?

  • Psh. No. She’ll never let you go otherwise.
  • Of course. You tell your mother EVERYTHING!

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if i told my mom that, she’d berate me for the next thirty years.
i wish i was joking.


Screw telling parents! But only in games


I tell my mom, even though she doesn’t agree with my decisions most of the time. In case anything happens, I always have back up :slight_smile:


The Game

You shoot your mom a quick text.

I won an all-expense-paid vacation. I’ll call to tell you more when I get there.

After waiting for a few seconds for a reply, you receive none.

She must be busy at the shop.

A sudden ring at the doorbell causes you to jump to your feet.

You suddenly realize you were still in your pajamas!

A pair of teal shorts and a bright orange tank top to accompany it.

Your phone buzzes shortly after.

Our driver has arrived at your location. Please open the door.

What do you do next?

  • Go and answer the door anyway.
  • Change your clothes first and then answer the door.

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The Game

You liked to think that you were a sensible person, so your first thought is to change your clothes.

Five minutes later, you came back downstairs, wearing a pair of cute jean shorts and a flower t-shirt.

You walk over to the door, throwing it open without another thought.

In front of you, there is an older man with graying hair and dark brown eyes.

“Are you Monika?” he asks. “I’m here to take you to The Love Games.”

“Y- yeah, that’s me,” you stammer out, a bit unnerved by how old this driver looked.

“If you’re ready, we best be making our way. The [blank] will be leaving soon.”

Vote for what should be in the blank. aka what should be the mode of transportation?

  • airplane
  • ship
  • bus
  • truck

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I ship it

Multiversal Cafè (Choose Your Own Adventure)

The Game

"If you’re ready, we best be making our way. The plane will be leaving soon."

Instead of taking you to the airport, the driver, who you soon learned was named William, drove you out to an empty field where a private plane was waiting. It was white with orange stripes adorning its sides. Only six windows long and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

William stops the car and gestures towards the plane.

"I’m afraid that this is where our paths diverge. May you have a lovely trip, Miss Monika."

You nod at him in acknowledgment, attention stolen away by the plane.

Was it really a good idea to go? But you’ve come this far already.

  • Go on the plane. There’s nothing to be scared of.
  • Ask William to board the plane with you.
  • Spend the next five minutes gawking at the plane.

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The Game

“William,” you begin, eyes glued on the plane. "Do you mind coming with me on the airplane?"

His voice comes out sharper this time, as if his personality suddenly shifted.

"Miss Monika, if I step on that plane, I would breach my contract. Please do not ask again."

As tempted as you are to ask more, the words are stolen out of your mouth when you spot a white rabbit stepping out of the plane.

It hops its way towards you, its brown beady eyes latched on your figure.

When it reaches the car, it jumps up and down, eyes still staring into yours.

You hadn’t noticed William exiting the car, but now, he opens the door for you.

The rabbit jumps even higher this time, landing in your lap.

"Monika, we’re going to be late if we don’t leave soon," it says in your mind.

  • Nod your head and follow the rabbit to the plane.
  • Flip out over the rabbit and demand to be driven home.
  • Grab the rabbit from your lap and throw it onto William before making a run for it.

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The Game

The talking rabbit is freaking you out. So much so that your next actions happen in a blur.

In one quick movement, you grab the rabbit and throw it at William before you start running.

You don’t make it far before you’re tackled to the ground and a bag is placed on your head.

Something in the bag smells weird, like a slightly sweet odor.

You feel compelled to block your nose, but you can’t tell where it is.

It doesn’t take long before you find yourself fade away...


When you open your eyes next, your head feels groggy and you can’t remember what happened after William showed you the airplane. Did I already get off the plane? Where am I?

A pink-haired girl with pigtails peers down at you from above.

You were lying down in the backseat of a car, another driver sitting in the front. Not William.

“Welcome to the Slumber Hotel. I’ve been instructed to show you to your room while the hosts finish the final preparations for the Love Games. Do you have any questions before we get going?”

  • “Who are you?”
  • “How did I get here?”
  • “Where are we?”
  • “Is it too late to go back home?”

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  1. female
  2. boys
  3. younger
  4. average
  5. brown
  6. black ( like the color of my soul )
  7. a mixture of both
  8. i’m a genius
  9. a
  10. b and a


Psst. You’re a bit late there. Check post #3 for all that’s happened since then.


yea i just realized that aww