The Game



The Game

“Who are you?”

“Oh, silly me.” The girl covers her mouth and giggles. "My name is… well, it doesn’t matter what my name is. I’m here to guide you along your journey as you look for the special one."

You gawk at her in confusion for a few seconds before remembering why you were there in the first place. The Love Games! The text message! Geez, how could you forget it already?

It’s not like it’s been over a week since the last installment of your story or anything.

Just because you were a bit on edge from throwing the rabbit earlier, you ask, “The games are real, right? When I go into the hotel, I’m going to meet real people and not robots?” Please be real.

The pink-haired girl stares at you for a moment and laughs again. "Of course it’s real! What kind of dating simulator would this be if we didn’t at least have some real hotties around?"

She points towards the hotel in the background, its menacing dark blue walls seeming to stretch off forever into the distance. “We have some time to kill. Why don’t I show you around?”

  • “Sure, why not? I’d love a tour of the place.”
  • “No thanks. Just take me to my room now.”
  • “Can’t we at least grab some food first?”

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“My name is… well, it doesn’t matter what my name is.

The fudge you say girl? I demand an answer! :triumph:

I swear I’m not a gluttony but it is food :stuck_out_tongue:


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Of course! I made a special chat thread for this dating sim, which you can find here just so that story parts don’t get buried and it’s easy for new people to catch up. :lumi:

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The Game

"Sure, why not? I’d love a tour of the place."

Now that you knew for sure the place was real, you begin to relax a bit.

As creepy as the hotel looked on the outside, the inside did have its own charms.

It was wide and spacious, seeming more like a mansion than a hotel.

You stop to catch your breath at how beautiful the inside is.

The rest of the tour went very well.

The pink-haired girl showed you around the various amenities, including a pool and swim-up bar.

You made a mental note to yourself to check out the pool sometime.

The more you looked around the hotel, the happier you were that you came.

Could anything be more perfect than this?

Just as she was escorting you to your room, you suddenly bump into someone.

You glance up to meet his eyes and you’re taken aback by his beauty.

Who was he? :sparkles:

  • An ordinary bookish teenager
  • A major teen film hottie
  • A refined older gentleman
  • None of the above!

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It was this thread I eventually abandoned because I forgot and got bored with it.


Oh my gosh! Dude, this is awesome!
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The Game

It feels like your heart has stopped as the two of you look at each other. Time has come to a stop, too, but as you look at him more and more, his beauty fades away until you realize he’s normal.

Where are the hotties?

You feel like screaming at someone for a refund even though this was free.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen,” your tour guide chimes in. “I really should take you back to your room right away. You’re not supposed to meet any of the suitors until the bonfire tonight.”

  • “Yes, please, I’d like to get away from this heathen.”
  • “I don’t care. Let’s break all the rules. Can’t I stay?”
  • “Oh, heck, no, please let me talk to him. I won’t tell anyone.”

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Look what’s being revived. Finally.


The Game

"I don’t care. Let’s break all the rules. Can’t I stay?"

You glance between the tour guide, whose scowl appears to be growing by the minute, and the ordinary bookish teenager who looks as if he’s an animal in heat. He licks his lips readily.

“You do realize that if you break the rules, there are dire consequences, Monika?” your tour guide finally asks. “I’m surprised you glossed over all the fine print when you signed the contract.”

  • “I’m so sorry! Take me to my room right now.”
  • “What’s wrong with this boy? He’s looking at me strange.”
  • “What contract? I don’t remember signing one…”
  • “What sort of game have you conned me into playing?”

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The Game

"What contract? I don’t remember signing one…"

Your head grows dizzier by the minute. This was supposed to be a fun game. This was supposed to be a chance for you to relax and get a free vacation while meeting cute guys.

So, what kind of contract was she talking about?

“Questions are the stepping stone on the journey for answers,” your tour guide answers. "All will become clear if you continue walking along your path. For now, it is time to rest."

Before you had the chance to protest, fog enters the hallway and everything around you turns into a blur. When the fog clears up, you find yourself in… some kind of bedroom?

There’s a large bed (of course), a dresser, a desk with stationary on top of it, and a chair.

What would you like to do first?

  • Take a nap.
  • Find a way out of this room.
  • Check the stationary on the desk.
  • Panic because what is going on???

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The Game

The sight of the stationary draws your attention first, but you’re not sure why. From a distance, it looks like any ordinary piece of paper. Maybe they had left it for you to write a letter to your parents back home? You’d have to remember to ask about it next time you had the chance.

It takes you several moments before you walk over to the desk and pick up the sheet of paper, but right off the bat, two things pop out to you. First of all, you were holding a legal contract and second of all, that was your handwriting at the bottom of the contract that was dated today.

You try to read it from the beginning, but the words don’t make much sense to you. You recognize a few of them (like “suitors” and “love”), but it’s as if it was written in some kind of coded language. Some letters have been turned upside down, some are missing. The entire thing looks incomprehensible, almost as you’re not meant to read it. But why leave it here?

  • Obsess over the contract to try to find meaning.
  • Leave the contract alone and take a nap.
  • Try to find answers outside of your room.
  • Panic because you’re utterly scared shitless.

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The Game

The letters continue to swirl as you stare at them. At one point, you swear you can make out a complete sentence. Tɥe nupersiguǝp … to ɐqipǝ … tɥe ʇǝrɯs … agrǝǝɯǝnts in … couʇɹɐct ɟoɹ … loug as … couʇɹɐct ʍɹitǝɹ … reasouable, up … aud ᴉuɔludᴉuƃ … . But what does it mean?

Some of the words are easier to pick out like “contract” but others make your brain feel scrambled. The more time you spend gazing at it, the more it feels like you’re wasting your time. Like there was no meaning to be found. Like it was just a thing meant to distract you.

But maybe it’s not too late to pick another thing. Maybe you still had time to try to take a nap before it was time for the bonfire. Or maybe you could try to find answers outside your room.

What do you choose to do next?

  • Leave the contract alone and take a nap.
  • Try to find answers outside of your room.

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The Game

This hotel was huge. You had seen it from the outside when you first got there. It had thirteen floors, all of which had to have countless rooms upon rooms filled with people. Living humans. Humans that, given the size of this place, had to have some idea of what was going on.

Or so you hoped.

These thoughts led you to venture out of your room, still a bit unsure of what was going on in the hopes of finding answers. Just as you exit your room, you spot the familiar sight of your pink-haired tour guide. She appears to be walking towards you and she’s talking on a phone.

  • Approach her and ask that she explains the contract to you.
  • Try to be sneaky like the spies you’ve seen on TV and eavesdrop.
  • Panic because you can’t make up your damn mind on what to do.

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