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Welcome to The Glacier!
Be warned that it's cold here so, i recommend wearing a eskimo suit
The Eskimos and Penguins are here like always.

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Note: This most likely might not be Glacier you expect. In this thread, as a creator of this thread, i will mostly post KoF (The King of Fighters, a fighting game created by SNK company) and Digimon stuff. And other stuff. And memes too!

That Thread with no Posts at All!

Hey :slight_smile: I’m just doing some editing but I just thought that I’d be the first to reply say Hi


Hello, i just archived the original thread so, i copied and pasted the code here.


Cool, I’m probably gonna just let my thread die a peaceful death.


Are you talking about SS Friend Ship?


Yea, I’m gonna let the ship sink lol




hey! I’m finally using new clubs :blush:


Hey welcome to the new world lol


sigh I feel like an old person using social media :frowning:


They have made it so, now you can login with your Wattpad account


Same, that’s just what happens lol you’ll get the hang of it though :slight_smile:


I feel so left out any tips to make this new crazy world less crazy??


I believe you’ll get used to the new clubs


I hope :slight_smile: I’m glad there is no spam block…or is there?!


I don’t believe so, not that i’ve come across :slight_smile:


I think i have told you before but, there is something slightly similar to spam block if you are totally new user

They won’t let you post if you have posted 3 or something times but, it goes off like spam block goes off too

So, it’s similar


Uhmmm…how do I make a thread?


Thank goodness i just started using it and it didn’t do it to me :exploding_head:


Go to and click the “New Theme” button