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lil boi and his big hat


Oh, man, i never knew Digimon Tamers was great before i watched it




Isn’t it funny how at first, you will hate something so much that you wish it didn’t exist, but later, you start liking it, and later, you start LOVING it



Wise words


Blessed image




I might be the only one, who knows, but i don’t dislike Tommy from Digimon Frontier.
Yes, he cries. Well, what is he? A crybaby? Nope. I don’t think so. I think he’s just a child.

Children can cry if they are scared or are in trouble or just don’t know what they are supposed to do… So, i see Tommy as a child character. But a young child. And not to forget that he was bullied, so that might be also one of reasons why he cries at times. Who knows… But i think he is just a child, so it’s normal for him to cry.


And if Digital World from Digimon series existed, i think some children will be afraid if they were in it. Yeah, it’s cool, but can be dangerous. A lot of Digimon exist, and some can be tough or terrifying. Although it would be awesome if Digital World from Digimon series existed in reality… I think some would think the otherwise. Some people would be scared of some Digimon. Some Digimon could KILL Digimon and humans and other things.


Freeman isn’t so bad as a design. He has awesome moves and fun gameplay.


And his down+forward+down+forward+kick special move is pretty awesome as well. So fun to use.


When someone dislikes the same thing you dislike


Gomamon X


When someone you hate returns


Me: sees a person i dislike


I’m not anti-social
I’m anti-bullshit


When someone you hate starts talking to you


Don’t you love it when you finally release a new chapter?


Joyful Adventures of @Poamzi48585’s K9999 and @JJJ000YYY’s apple