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Although, he looks like a black and white version of Iori Yagami, to me, he is the more badass version of Iori (too bad, he’s not official character though… But fan made characters can be cool too)




Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters


I love how some people like comments they disagree with…
How funny.


Isn’t that pirate language? Still funny though


I think that if people started asking ‘how are you mentally/physically etc’ instead of asking ‘how are you’ would be funny


I love my bby Shen Woo


Imagine Jhun Hoon and Shen Woo changing their surnames
But my nickname for Shen Woo is Shen Hoon tho


i love you my bby woo


iori is a upset boi, i love him

#3233 is probably the best site to watch Digimon series

Unless if you like subs


I would love it if Data Squad had more episodes, something like 54. A bit sad that it has 48 episodes, i really enjoy watching it, but i think they didn’t have any ideas for other episodes… But well, i really enjoy watching Data Squad, regardless of how many episodes it has. It has some flaws, but at least it’s really enjoyable season of Digimon, although kinda underrated. And had some character development, i see Marcus more than some Shonen protagonist stuff, as i see, he has gone through some stuff but i guess he’s still a badass character. Not to forget that he even cried a bit. We, males, might be strong but sometimes we are feeling sad too. We aren’t people without feelings who think that everything is good, sometimes we suffer in bad situations that make us feel bad and whatnot.


Oh, and @JJJ000YYY
Just a question, will we migrate to the ‘HELLO MY SUBJECTS’ thread after the ‘Wendy’s is best writer’ thread gets closed? Just curious uwu


Wait a minute, i looked at old posts… “Private thread”. Welp, seems like i answered my own question. We probably won’t migrate to the HELLO MY SUBJECTS then… I rekt myself


When you rekt yourself


Oh and something inspirational


Not sure, we’ll see how it goes


Ah, okay. Thanks for answer tho


Shen Woo!