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I kinda wish there were more Ash Saga KoF games, the saga had some cool characters. (like Duo Lon, Shen, Ash, Elisabeth, Magaki, Mukai, Shion, Botan etc etc etc…) Orochi and NESTS saga at least had their dream matches, '98 and 2002 but well, i am not sure how could Ash Saga dream match work. (other than XII, another Ash Saga dream match that most KoF fans WILL like)


Elisabeth and ElisASHbeth
Nah, just kidding, his name is Ash
(oh, and Ash’s shirt says ‘If lost, Return to Betty’ in case you didn’t notice)


Duo Lon is cool in dark way as a character, it’s interesting that he knows about Ron

But in this image, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, he is cute as hell


I know i posted this before
Gotta post it again because too cute


Duo Lon


I love the pic on post #3243


Other than a lot of bosses some people miss in KoF games… (except Kain in the list is a boss from Garou)
KoF characters i would like to make a comeback on next KoF game AND other characters i wish would appear in a KoF game

  1. Hinako Shijou

    I might not be a fan of sumo wrestling, but i think Hinako was cute design. Not so bad as a character, but i would like to see her in future KoF game. It would be nice.

  2. Nameless

    I mean… He appeared in only one KoF game. Coming from someone who likes K9999, i think Nameless is cool. If possible, i would like Nameless’ comeback in next KoF game. That wouldn’t be a bad character to bring back!

  3. Jhun Hoon

    Ah, the good ol’ underrated Jhun Hoon. What a shame he didn’t appear in many KoF games… He was really cool and had fun moves. I hope SNK didn’t forget about him, he is really cool character.

  4. Kain R. Heinlein

    You are looking at Kain from Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Kain R. Heinlein! I slightly wish he was in some KoF game, but i am not sure how that would work. He was a true badass and i wouldn’t mind him being in a KoF game.

  5. Freeman

    Another Garou character. Poor Freeman, he was playable in like… Only one game. I wish he was in more SNK games, especially KoF. Such a cool character, but at least we have Duo Lon though.


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Happy new year everyone :smiley:


KoF bosses way of saying Happy New Year
Rugal: Happy New Year, you weak ass bitches! I had fun kicking your ass!
Goenitz: Happy New Fucking Year
Orochi: Happy New Year, humans
Krizalid: Happe Newe Yere, i can’t speak Italian
Zero: Happy New Year from the clone and the original
Igniz: Happy New Year… sighs with a cup of tea
Mukai: H… New Year.
Saiki: Happy New Year, see you in past and future!


Yas! Happy New Year!




K9999 is sweet baby angel (NOT talking about Angel from KoF) i love him


Terriermon the Terrorist
Terriermon and Terrorist both start with ‘Terr’, what a coincidence


He’s cute but he will fucking kill you


Happy new year!



We haven’t gotten the new year yet here XD


UwU! Happy New Joyful Year!