The Glacier



Welp, it’s been a while since i used for my Wattpad bio, it’s cool how it works on Wattpad bios and on Community.


When someone is about to do something you don’t want them to do


Thank you happy new year to you too! :slight_smile:


Everything is my mood


Cursed image


Even more evil than Kurata


I like how some KoF characters i just learn by myself, no Youtube, no anything. Just try them myself, figure out their moves and special moves etc, and i learn how to play them quick and then they turn into my favorite characters after i learn a combo or two.


Whenever i post a picture of a KoF character (KoF is fighting game series) and someone calls it “anime” i just want to fucking kill them


:knife: Fucking kill them


I have no idea how to get attention because almost everyone ignores me on public threads, so i become a dipshit and post random shit as much as i can so i can at least get some people to notice me a bit because my existence isn’t surprising but worth knowing


Swearing mode: Off


Sometimes i like to say interesting randomly even if i am not even interested


Me defining myself


Yay, 61th chapter.


Oh man, the excitement of getting more and more chapters

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In my opinion


The King of Fighters


I would love a crossover between Digimon and KoF considering i like both series

Good thing i have a story about it


he is a smol child and that’s why i love him