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why i love chris:

  1. because he’s chris
  2. because i love him
  3. because he’s chris and i love him
  4. because i love him and he’s chris

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Chris is the cinnamon roll of KoF series


He’s a cute, small child, protect him at all costs


It’s 2019 and i still like The King of Fighters and Digimon


I remember that i used to play GBA games first when i tried to get into Digimon (i use emulators by the way) but i somewhat enjoyed them although they couldn’t really help me become a Digimon fan. Digimon has good games, but is mostly known for its anime though. Some people like manga of Digimon series… And stuff.


MetalSeadramon or you can call him Metal sea dragon thing monster


I present you Machinedramon, a Digimon who is a fan of heavy metal songs nah, just kidding


Pata and Gato


Tai Kamiya, Koromon, Marcus Damon, Agumon


Gomamon the seal boi, i love him


Whenever i see the number 98, i think of KoF '98


Sometimes i swear when talking about things i hate/things that piss me off


For example, i fucking hate it and it fucking bothers me when people mistake KoF for anime

The characters may look like anime, but that doesn’t fucking mean they are anime characters. If they were, KoF would be an anime and would probably not have that many games or shit. Which i think would be boring, because i like KoF series for its games and i probably wouldn’t like KoF if it wasn’t game (not necessary though, but i most likely won’t like it if it wasn’t fighting game, i don’t know).

You could play one, at least, one fucking KoF game. Just one. If you think KoF is anime, that is. If you play KoF, then you should be like: “HOLY SHIT, KOF IS FIGHTING GAME, NOT A FUCKING ANIME, IT’S JUST THAT CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE ANIME”

And honestly, i think that these fucking people should play KoF before mistaking it for anime. I don’t give a fuck if they don’t like fighting games or shit, play KoF before you think it’s anime. Ugh, pisses me off extremely a lot.

One more fucking thing, K9999 is just a TRIBUTE to Tetsuo Shima from Akira, which means, he is a fucking fighting game character considering he is from KoF and Tetsuo is anime character, he is from Akira. They are not the same, but they are fucking similar. However, i don’t give a fuck if K9999 is similar to Tetsuo, i don’t even watch Akira, i fucking love K9999 even if he might be a random faggot who looks like Tetsuo, to me, he is fucking awesome guy who doesn’t give a fucking shit.

Also, sorry for swearing a lot, just kinda a rant about these fucking annoying people who say that i “spam anime pics” or some bullshit like that whenever i post KoF character images. Ugh, just felt like that, my apologies for swearing, but i try to chill.


And and again, sorry for swearing, just things i talk about sometimes include swearing, mostly if i am talking about things which get on my nerves.


You’re never too old to look young :smile:


Me: not interested
Also me: Interesting


Next KoF (most likely) will come in 2020, which means, one more year and new KoF


Nice tho


And probably something Digimon related is going to happen in 2019, it’s kinda exciting year


I can be wise and inspirational at times