The Glacier



That’s life, you learn a lot of things in it


This reminds me of Ramon vs Igniz video

Both made me have no idea what i was watching, but i actually loved both because they both made no sense


Igniz is such a cool name, but also a cool villain from KoF


K9999 is fun to use, but when you figure out his moves, he’s even more fun to use


Whenever people want anime recommendations, i just mention ‘Shrek’, ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Cory in the House’ etc because i like memes and also because i don’t watch a lot of different anime because i am anime noob


I feel like i am the only one who likes Tommy Himi, in my opinion he is an underrated Digimon character, mostly because they hate him just because of crying. To me, he looks like a child so, i think it’s normal that he cries sometimes. You see, he got bullied by some kids and later he ended up in a Digital World. I think Digital World from Digimon series could be a dangerous place, no matter how cool it sounds. After all, Tommy is a young child but he seems to be more than that, he is a likable character to me.


I lowkey wish that more people would start saying ‘to be honest’ instead of ‘tbh’. I find it slightly annoying when they say ‘tbh’, i feel like they aren’t even honest even if ‘tbh’ ironically is short for ‘to be honest’. In my opinion, saying ‘tbh’ sounds REALLY unhonest, so i prefer ‘to be honest’.


A new cover again


I guess it doesn’t look so bad, but it feels good to change covers


Terriermon the Scientist


Digimon are the champions


Hey everyone,
I wanted to say… I am really sorry for not being active. But feels good to be back, i hope you understand that i am still on Wattpad despite that i was extremely inactive.


But if i can, i’ll try being active this night (it’s night to me), if anyone else is active, that is. If i can, i will TRY to be active.


Young boi Kensou


Dorumon is a really lovable Digimon


Perfect mood


KoF Neowave is pretty fun, better than i thought it was going to be. I love that it has Jhun Hoon, New Face Team and Ramon! It’s neat that it’s a Dream Match (a KoF game which has dead characters playable and has no story) but it’s different from other KoF games, although it’s still a KoF game. There are other better KoF games, but Neowave isn’t really bad either, it’s pretty fun and has some good things about it.


I was horribly wrong


KoF games are good, nice character arts, cool gameplay and stuff but KoF Neowave probably has the cutest art of Chris


@astarius kitty cato