The Glacier



And this is me, Po the Terriermon


Takuma Sakazaki in nutshell

Poor Ryo getting beaten up by his father Takuma because he forgets how to spell words so he beats Ryo out of anger


His name is Duo Lon and i love him


So, i finally made a Digimon wallpaper… It’s ShineGreymon and WarGreymon, the Mega Digimon from Data Squad and Adventure!


It also fits for my Wattpad profile’s background


I think tea is underrated, i see that some people here hate it which kinda makes me sad
as someone who likes tea and i don’t really see that many people who love tea, but i at least met few :confused:

I guess they’re drinking wrong tea, but it does kinda make me sad to see anyone saying ‘I hate/dislike tea’. Hating/disliking tea is an unpopular opinion because i disagree with it and actually like tea :stuck_out_tongue:



Me: is watching video of combos of some KoF character that isn’t my favorite and i am not even going to try out their combos to make them turn into my favorite character
Also me: Haha nice
Also also me: still loves my favorite KoF characters


But yeah, sometimes i get a new favorite KoF character if i learn their moves, combos and stuff, i think some other KoF characters are cool, although they have nice designs, their gameplay doesn’t really interest me yet, so i stick to my favorites. Not to forget i have MORE THAN 10 favorites Names are: Iori, Kensou, Andy, Benimaru, Yamazaki, K’, K9999, Yashiro, Chris, Ramon, Ralf, Ash, Shen Woo, Duo Lon, Oswald, Kusanagi (the clone, NOT Kyo)… Not including bosses, Saiki and Nameless (even tho i like them, i am more of K9999 person than Nameless, but i think both are awesome characters) that is Is that a lot of favorite fighting game (especially KoF) characters? Oh well, i guess i am a simple man, and i guess it’s fun to have that much.


Baby Fam:
Baby Melu
Baby Joy
Baby Juls
Baby Po


Being called ‘sir’ slightly reminds me of Gaomon from Digimon Data Squad considering he says “Sir, yes, sir” and also calls Thomas “sir”.


The New Face Team:
Chris, Yashiro and Shermie


Shen Woo the ass-kicking lad from KoF (The King of Fighters)

“You’re the man! It’s been a while since i had such fun!”

  • Shen Woo (The King of Fighters 2003)


So, Patamon’s name origin is patapata which is the onomatopoeia for flapping, and there is a Digimon song called ‘Don’t Stop Pata Pata’.

Everything makes sense


Just wanted to ask
Is there going to be We Need More Friends 19.0 thread? Cause i saw that 18.0 is closed, so i am not sure if there’s going to be 19.0 or 18.0 might be the latest version of ‘We Need More Friends’ series. Sorry if i am interrupting or anything, i am just curious after seeing that 18.0 is closed


I wasn’t here but Isaias made a new one :slight_smile:


Nevermind, it got made


When someone you really hate replies to you and still bothers you, but you wish that they should realize that you hate them and that they should stop replying because you really hate them


Iori is too badass to chill, even if he is angry and upset at times, that’s what makes him a fucking badass he is


(Ugh… Edited.)