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Lmao, a lot of critiques/advertising your story have [closed] in title, and i am not even interested to share my book(s)


Not because i think they are terrible, but because i think it’s your choice if you want to read my books or not whatever


A new nickname. Sweet…


Yup, i am good
G - Eating
O - A
O - Lot
D - Spaghetti

do we need more friends

So if good stands for ‘Eating A Lot Spaghetti’ i guess bad stands for:
B - Not
A - Eating
D - Spaghetti


Yeah, i am a bad boy
B - I
A - Am
D - Saying
B - No
O - To
Y - Drugs


Ok, these ‘yeah, i am’ memes are kinda unoriginal but funny tho


I don’t regret making this


Matt Ishida and Gabumon


Me: appears
Person i dislike: appears and starts talking to me


I love Digimon, but there might be some reasons why others aren’t a fan of it:

  1. They don’t watch it or are not interested, not everyone can like it

  2. Some people aren’t fan of dark things. Some don’t enjoy/like murder of characters and whatnot.

  3. The characters might not be interesting for some people. In my opinion, i love a lot of Digimon main characters. That’s right, i even like the Frontier and Data Squad cast (even though i didn’t watch Frontier that much). You read that right, i LIKE Frontier and Data Squad, especially their characters.

  4. The ‘mon’ might make people think it’s a rip-off.

  5. They probably don’t get used to Digimon series so they don’t really like it very much. I started loving Digimon when i watched and played it more, interesting and complex series with awesome characters.


Other than that, like i said million times, i love Digimon series.

I didn’t play many Digimon games, but Digimon games are really enjoyable and fun.

Digimon anime is great. Not just the original, but Tamers, Frontier and Data Squad too. Although Frontier and Data Squad in your opinion might not be really good compared to other seasons, i think they are worth watching. But well, nothing is flawless. By the way, i didn’t mind Marcus punching Digimon and i didn’t mind him not having goggles even if most of Digimon leaders would have goggles. Maybe the goggles wouldn’t fit him, who knows…


Moriya and Iori:
The lost brothers


Oh man, you gotta love ideas of writing


You can search @username of some person and then sort by ‘latest’ and you will see their last comments on threads

This is pretty useful even if someone has a public profile hidden uwu


Yeah, Guilty Gear is cool, but have we forgot that The Last Blade also exists




Neither do i


Someone: posts a meme
Me: Nice meme
Me: sees watermark