The Glacier




Yashiro Nanakase


And finally, here’s also Ramon


@RobotAmbassador fortune
Does Juls still luv animals?


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


Not true


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Not true


@RobotAmbassador roll 1d5
Juls is
1 - Cool
2 - Great
3 - Extremely lovable
4 - Awesome
5 - The best girl ever


:game_die: 4


Not bad.


When you’re really enjoying some anime, but then you get reminded that you’re kinda close to ending it


Orochi bois


Smol Ralf


It depends, but i don’t really mind bad grammar in story, just make it a bit understandable and easy to read. If the grammar is too bad, then of course i won’t enjoy the story.


When you’re tired af of playing card games all day and night because it’s the only thing you ever do so you decide to become a doctor


Important message:


Ok, so maybe you don’t know this, but i still fucking hate Tyler and his like spam


Spoiler text is fun o.o


I hate people
I mean not everyone but i still hate people
I mean not every person but i still hate people
I hate people