The Glacier



Ok, that kinda sounds like a poem


KK and IY


The bravest thing i ever did was continuing my life when i wanted to die


Tai, WarGreymon, Matt, MetalGarurumon


When you, as someone who has Ralf as their favorite KoF character, defeat someone with Galactica Phantom


Terriermon + Ralf Jones
Not disappointed


Kyo Kusanagi, Shingo Yabuki, Iori Yagami


Sad quote from Digimon Adventure (47th episode after MetalGarurumon kills Puppetmon)
“What is it that these kids have that i don’t?”


Leomon: “I promise we’ll meet again…”
Ogremon: in tears “You are a good rival.”
Leomon: disappears


I mean, Digimon series is dark, so i am not surprised at all to see characters dying


announcer voice


You may not like Community very much at first, but we all get used to something and like it even more if we get used to it


Top 10 Anime Villains


The next KoF game will come in 2020, but there is not many things known, who knows? It most likely would be 3D (i mean, 2D fighting games sprites are pretty expensive to make) and maybe it would be a dream match (non-canon KoF game with no story that brings dead characters back). Who knows…


Maybe 3D is easier choice than 2D, KoF XII and XIII had gorgeous sprites, although not many characters, it’s pretty expensive to make sprites like that. But it depends on how they’re making it.

Although this might be kinda unrelated to new games these days, like Joy says:

It sounds pretty difficult to make a sprite and animate it. But i guess it depends on how good the company is at making games and sprites… And plus, i am not a programmer, but it sounds difficult to make a fighting game character as well and their attacks and whatnot.


Fuck, i swear too much


Ralf is the best


Swearing makes you sound more honest


Maybe that’s why i swear so much
or maybe because i am just mad and like to swear at random times, but i do kinda dislike swearing ironically.


Is it just me or Vanessa and Shen are SOMEWHAT similar despite not having many similarities?