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Hi, peeps. So I’m going to open my shop again for requests like the title said. However, I’ll be ignoring some of the users above who requested when the shop was closed. Please do pay attention to the thread’s status because it’s frustrating to reply again and again that orders are still on hold. I will only pay attention to the forms below this note. Thank you! xo


Heyo!!! I absolutely love your graphics, so beautiful. I’m totally stalking this thread!

Hehe, I can understand the frustration to keep telling folks the thread is closed :smile: don’t know about them, but for me it might be because of your custom font, because my browser doesn’t support it :smile: so the letters show up as these small boxes and I think most folks are too lazy to convert or fix it.

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title: RISE
subtitle: There’s blood on the crown
author: Daisy S.
mood/theme/genre: Dark, high/epic fantasy
ideas: I would like a cover that’s pretty similar to this or this with out all the thorns and roses in the first image. Can all text be in capitals, a black background with something similar to the magic swirls in image two in purple on top. The text could be in silver or white on a normal horizontal line or each letter could be going down vertically in a line.
inspo/images: (Are above in idea)
colour palette: Here
is the story posted?: No
anything else?: I don’t mean to thread hop but this is posted on the pinned ‘request graphics here’ thread too. If you accept my request then I’ll take it down straight away but I don’t want to have to type it all out again :sweat_smile: If you have any quesstions then feel free to ask!


When will the story be posted? Also please do take it down.


Sorry, I forgot to add that! Hopefully sometime in January. And I’m taking it down now :upside_down_face:


Umm, idk man. That’s too long of a wait for me. I do want to do your request though, but is there a way you can post the story within this month?


I might be able to push it to between Dec 27th - Jan 1st, but there’s no chance it will be up before Christmas. I have too much writing and editing to do :sweat_smile: Is that ok?



Hello there, @DaisyDoesNothing l ! I’ll do my best with your request. Please pick on whether you’ll do payment #1 or payment #2, and notify me when you’re done doing so. xo


I’ve completed payment #2 :slightly_smiling_face:


For some reason the coding doesn’t work properly from my iPad. It’s not the first time I’ve come across the problem. Can you send me the form, so I can fix it, please.


hey now that you’re open again i’d like to request lol



title: Women in the Night

subtitle: obsession leads to madness

author: carson pence

short blurb: Rhiannon Shaw is a witch. Ever since witch hunters destroyed her coven years ago, leaving her the sole survivor, Rhiannon devoted her life to vengeance. And now that she has tracked down the men responsible for the massacre, not even God can protect them.

mood/theme/genre: dark fantasy. i want this to be reflected in the cover, so a dark theme would be very very nice.

ideas: Like a golden border around the edges. In the middle would be a white crescent moon, in the background theres a woman with brown hair holding a candle facing toward the front of the cover. She is in a city (think of 1800s London) at night and wearing a dress. If that doesnt work out, feel free to take inspo from the provided image.


colour palette: here but instead of the last purple/pink just a plain black.

is the story posted?: no

anything else?: what are the simple/minimal/manip? little confused on those


@Dredge116 @carsonpence i’ll go through your requests later after school x




title: Kassidy

subtitle: Don’t run from the Reaper…

author: PellinorLover2314 (or Angel Durham)

short blurb: Kassidy (Kas) Morgan is a 17 year old with a nasty rep and runs with the Crows gang. Violet (Natalie) is a girl on the run, having escaped a war and right into Kas. Kas saves her and she becomes his confident, he trusts her with things he has never told anyone, ever since the moment he met her. When Kas gets wind of a big heist, he and Violet assemble a team to steal a magical artifact. Things go south when Kas’s father appears, as well as Violet’s mother who saves the wayward teenagers, revealing a deeper conflict in the gangs, one between the gangs and a group of powerful fallen angels or Hraskgalla, Kas’s father is the only living one. The Kraskelle (witches, like Violet and her mother) have been fighting them for centuries until witch hunters massacred them. This team of wayward teens and criminals must not only pull off an impossible heist, one even more impossible than the one they nearly pulled off (and would have if Kas’s dad hadn’t busted up in the place) and try to save Karraway, the city they all love and hate. (Also, Kas and Violet kinda fall into a deep romance, even though they both try to fight it).

mood/theme/genre: Action

ideas: Maybe a crow on the cover? perched on a fedora like hat? If not, a crow is fine too
I only want Kassidy on the cover if there is to be anyone, or maybe something to do with a fallen angel? Burned up wings, all the Hraskgalla have black hair and their irises are black (not their entire eye). If you can do this, I might ask for one for the sequel, Natalie, but I’ll worry about that later. Also, Kas always is wearing a fedora/hat and has a special knife, its handle is shaped like a crow (body, wings and all) Also, the Crows have a tattoo of a crow clutching a human heart in it’s talons on their left arm (if that can inspire anything) (Bold italics is extra ideas)

Screenshot_20180519-224916 It isn’t all I wanted, but it’ll do

is the story posted?: (yes/no) yes

anything else?: Maybe the subtitle can be the one on the bird cover I made, whichever sounds better to you, I am not sure which I want now




title: Curse of the Blood Singer

subtitle: Song of Dragons blood

author: Jay Puff

short blurb: There is a world lost to most mortals, one hidden behind a veil. One where magic flows free and a darkness once more is on the rise. It’s a world Ankita was born to protect, not that anyone ever told her.

mood/theme/genre: Urban Fantasty. Magic, Dragons, romcom

ideas: So I had couple main ideas that ive kind of pictured in my brain, first the text. I was thinking maybe a gold or silver font (if it looks good) maybe a little decrotive but still readible, also the subtitle is the series name 1) A dark, soild or lightly textured background, or a city (not newyork) background with an peice of raw red amber (or similliar looking stone) or Pendant with red amber in the center, maybe a dragon could be included some how. See inspo 2 4 5 9. 2) idea, A rather dark textured background or a city background, with Naomi Scott, Then I was thinking, it could have rather, an amulet or stone infront of/ under her or a dragon wrapped around a red stone with her see inspo 10 3 another option would be to have her with Rather Jensen ackles or emeraude toubia, rather with one kind of fadded behind her or like have them half and half on the sides of the cover see inspo 1 8. or Naomi with the bare back of man kind of like inspo 7 with a city, or maybe a dragon. or even Naomi with both Jensen and Emeraude with something like This 3) idea would be something with most of the cast, (naomi Scott.Jensen Ackles Joseph Morgan, Brandon Soohoo, Tom Holland, emeraude toubia Sofia Boutella.) prehaps a city like background, I was thinking the cast could be in her silloughet or like faded under/above her [This]( This

inspo/images: Inspo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 images :ONE TWO 3 4

colour palette: (from pls)

is the story posted?: No, but it’s ready to be it’s on FB just not published yet

anything else?: I can not tell you how long ive been waiting to attempt to request, I swear everytime I try you cfcu lol if need more ideas, or info let me know!



So sorry, @Dredge116 but I’ll deny your request. I have no inspo for your cover and if I try, the outcome will be so bad. Still thank you!


Hi! When will the story be posted?