The Grimorium Club Xll - Come and Chat Fellow Fantasy Writers! (OPEN - WELCOME BACK GRIMMIES!)


Thank you! I made it using an image from Pexels and added text on Canva :slight_smile:


I show it to you


When it’s done


Okeday :slight_smile: I bet it looks great


This thing got quiet xD


I got done eating dinner


Ah I see


Hiii :smiley:


Oh wow! Did you make it into a real book? :smiley:


Good morning :slight_smile:




I had get the muchkin in PJs


Oh my!!! :heart::heart::heart: Where can I buy one?


Nice to meet you! I hear you have kids too :smiley:


I did! :smiley: I had a personal copy printed by B&N Press as a birthday present to myself lol. Strangely enough it arrived on he same day I used to update Ghost - - Wednesday.


Morning! It’s early evening for me.


Nowhere at the moment :slight_smile: But thank you! <3 It’s a personal copy. In the future though, who knows?It’s part of the ‘future idea’ thing I was talking about whenever I first mentioned the project.


Yes. I have one. She is a one year old


How is the kiddos doing


That is amazing!! Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday :smiley: