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I wish he liked them. It would’ve made our lives so much easier haha


Yeah. Now you just have to wait 'til they get their adult teeth in right?


Ahahaha. I love it, it’s hard but when she is realxing watching cartoons at the end of the night. I won the battle




They’re worth it :wink:


It’s understandable why haha.


Very true! :slight_smile:


Even going to the bathroom by yourself is a vacation


Have you tried the gel filled ones and freezing them? My kids always liked the cold.


My son already lost 2.


Mine still won’t let me do that


I don’t get either. When she is taking a nap or bedtime


Yeah. We tried the normal ones and the freezer type ones - both gel and the hard types. He didn’t take to them :confused:


Awesome! Did you do the whole Tooth Fairy thing?


You can go to the bathroom by yourself!!!???
Tell me your secrets!!!


She is usually napping or with daddy. Other times she is in the bathroom watching me shower or going pee.


I see. Daddy over here is working in another prefecture, so I guess I’m stuck with my little peeping Tom… T-T


Yes first tooth was $5 the tooth fairy has gone through an inflation since I was a kid.


Mine know how to use the safety locks on the doors and open them on me.


But when they are in the bathroom it’s “leave me alone” or “I don’t want you in here” and then “come wipe my butt”