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Writing from an Android’s POV is kinda interesting




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I can give an interesting action scene following Kile, an Android who works at a cafe run by him and his owner, Jim.


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Here it is

Kile shrugged his shoulders before taking his place behind the register once more, Jim relaxing in his office. For over an hour the bell never rang and Kile just stood there, patiently, a friendly smile on his face, hands rested on the counter awaiting either a new order from Jim or for a customer to enter the cafe.

Finally, an Android entered, holding the hand of a little boy, a woman entering behind them. Kile could see the Android’s LED glowed black which meant there was something seriously wrong and the machine could malfunction, turn dangerous.

Such a thing only happened under extreme stress on the Android. Kile’s had turned black only once, and Jim had stepped in before his software was overridden.

“Hello, how can I help you today?” Kile asked.

None of them responded, the Android with her golden eyes and black hair didn’t smile or react to anything. Her right pinky twitched, the boy was on my right side. As I waited for someone to ask something or begin ordering, the little boy took out some rocks he had in his hoodie pockets.

“Rocks are cool, they have many uses,” Kile said, trying to break the silence. As soon as he finished talking the boy looked at him, looked into his synthetic eyes, then chucked a rock at his head.

Jim looked over as Kile’s LED flashed brightly and rapidly. Thinking he was just observing something fascinating, he looked away as Kile’s LED did this when he discovered something new. “Don’t throw rocks at me, it’s not nice,” Kile said.

Here the mother looked up, the Android shuffled backward, letting go of the boy’s hand. “Nice? You’re a fucking robot, he can do whatever he wants to you. You can’t feel any of it anyway, your skin will repair itself. You’re not even alive, so what does being nice matter?” She asked him.

Hearing his mother’s words, Kile was pelted with more rocks. He stumbled back as one slammed into his eye, glass and metal breaking, blinding him in that eye. The right side of the cafe turned black as the black glow of his LED reached into Jim’s office.

Some of his systems related to his left eye were trying to start, other parts were already beginning to run diagnostics to discover what was wrong.


It flashed as his computer kept repeating the process, in case something changed.

Jim had gotten up, watching through the window closely. Kile knew he wouldn’t come out yet, he would assess the situation. See if it handled itself. “Leave or I call the police,” Kile said, seeing through his right eye as he had his inner phone pulled up, 911 typed in, waiting to hit call.

“Call them for what?” The mother asked.

“Damage of private property,” Kile answered.

“And where is your owner, Android?” She asked in that sickeningly sweet voice.

“Does it matter?” The other Android asked.

“You shut your mouth or you’ll be dismantled when we get home again!” She shouted back. The Android’s black LED flashed, swirled, and then…

It turned off.

Yet she was still activated. Kile had never seen anything like it. Her eyes went from golden to a natural honey toned brown. If it wasn’t for the deactivated LED, she’d pass as human. Slowly she inched towards the nearby chair, Kile didn’t move…

Jim was slowly opening the door so nobody could see it, but Kile could.

The Android’s hand gripped the chair where the two pieces connected together. He heard it split as it squeezed…

When she broke the piece of chair off the rest of the way and tried to stab the mother while she was still shouting at Kile, he jumped over the counter and slammed both her and the boy to the floor, taking the stake in his back.

Blue blood poured forth as he stood, removing the stake, tossing it to the side. When she went after the two humans she had moments before been serving once more, Kile slammed his body into her, sending her into a table. She grabbed his throat, wrapping her legs around him and began squeezing, crushing the metal plating of his body and throat. Red warnings were flashing as alarms went off in his head, he’d already called the police.

Jim had picked up the boy, helped the woman up and taken shelter in his office.

When Kile punched the other Android he heard a crunch, blue blood across his hand. He continued to punch her, trying to get her to let go. Finally she did, slamming her feet into Kile, sending him through the huge cafe windows and into the street.

When she turned on a random human on the sidewalk, Kile grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the table of the cafe through the other woman. The table broke under her weight and Kile drug her by her arm into the center of the cafe where he held her using his own weight, awaiting for the police to show and his system to calm down.

He’s never fought before, but watched enough television late at night with Jim that his computer had studied, saved and analyzed any fighting maneuvers as Jim told him to, stating that he’d put his life in Kile’s hands than in the police’s should a robbery happen.

Eventually the police showed up, Jim leaving the office as the police aimed their guns at Kile. “No! Don’t shoot him! He’s the one who called!” Jim shouted as he jumped in front of the severely damaged, barely functioning Kile.

“Order him to move then so we can put the Android responsible down,” the officer said.

“Kile, stand, move away.” Jim commanded him.

It took exactly 2 minutes and 23.2 seconds for Kile to register the command and follow it through. So many of the different systems inside of him were not functioning or communicating with his computer right that his responses and understanding were delayed.

Like stood, going back behind the counter. The officer moved forward and shot the Android in the head, blue blood splattering.

Jim rolled out his office chair, guiding Kile over to it. “Sit down Kile before you shut down trying to stay upright,” Jim told him as Kile refused. Jim had told him to never sit in his chair. Ever.

“You sai-” Kile began to say.

“I did say, but this is an exception.” He told him sternly.

Kile sat down, almost falling as the chair moved, but Jim caught the chair, holding it still for Kile.


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