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Good work keep it up. Wish I had the motivation to write.


Wow that was intense! It’s a very interesting sounding story.


Thanksies :smiley: Idk where the inspo came from after 2 years. W.B.F. is difficult to write, but I’m happy to be writing Levy’s story again. Inspo will come back eventually :slight_smile: Writing down ideas can really be helpful.

Alive Description (goes for what you just read)

Just because they aren’t flesh and blood, doesn’t mean they aren’t alive…

Humanity has achieved its greatest dream, and its worst nightmare.

We have created a mockery of life, so convincing, we had to mark the machines to know they weren’t real…

Kile is one of these artificial people, an Android. Created to serve humanity, Kile goes about his everyday life, cleaning after the humans and doing whatever they want him to.

The one thing Androids are not permitted to do above all else? The ONE thing they are not even programmed to do?

To create something of their own…

Kile can’t help the forbidden things that creep up in his mind, as the days go on, he starts seeing the unfairness of the world around him…

What happens when a machine decides to become a man?

More importantly, will Kile pay the price of his disobedience? Or will he lead the Androids, and humanity, into a new age?

Kiiara is an aspiring young artist, the problem? She’s an Android.

Working for a single father, Kiiara finds time to pursue her dreams at night when her master’s son is asleep and he is at work.

What happens when her human master discovers her talent? Her dreams?

Will she be destroyed for her difference? Or will he aid her in her desires?

Madelyn is a troubled young woman, constantly getting in trouble with the law, but not at all an Android enthusiast.

She hides a secret past, but what happens when she runs straight into Kile?

Will Madelyn help Kile in his quest to be recognized as a living being? Or will she destroy any chance he has?

Can a machine truly be alive? Or could humans have turned into the machines, cold, indifferent and unforgiving?

Either way, the world will be watching, the world will be waiting, and for better or worse, the world will be forever changed…

I have a twist planned for Madelyn with her actually being a Cyborg, one of the few that exist, half human and half machine (basically bridging the gap between humans and Androids overall)


That’s the problem is my idea tank is empty.


This sounds awesome. Have you published it yet?


Nope, been wanting to for months, I think I’m gonna do my huge projects I’ve been eager for, then slowly work around to old, smaller works, wrote about 2k words last night in about an hour and a half or so last night, been building up (inspired by DBH, Detroit Become Human) so if anyone knows anything and reads Alive when I publish it and sees strong parallels, let me know, I don’t want strong parallels because then it might be seen as a bit of a rip off (the head hatch I got from the Lunar Chronicles with Cinder though)


Hmm, that can be a difficult issue. Here’s what tends to help me, but might not work for everyone:

  1. Listen to music that fits the story you’re writing.

  2. Take a look at photography that could inspire ideas for your story (there’s plenty of websites around that have some really beautiful images).

  3. Read stories similar to what you’re writing.

  4. Reread your work for inspiration.

  5. Plan your story. Do you know what direction you were going in before? Is there something about the story you think it would benefit from changing?

  6. Write dialogues for your characters. They can be about anything and everything.


Legit have a playlist for Kassidy


That’s really interesting sounding. I can’t wait until it’s posted. :smile:


slowly evolving as the story does too




I also have one called My Creation Playlist for anytime I’m writing a story and not wanting to start a playlist, drawing or anything where I am creating a work of art

I’ve even done some character playlists

This is my largest playlist so far and still growing.

Started it in September or October this year


These fit what I’m writing tonight. Been listening to them and a lot of similar sounding stuff.


Been a fan of Missio since October and binged their music for about a month, got me through a rough transition time, how have I not found this version of this song and why does it give me real Kile vibes??? Maybe it’s the pain in the song?


That’s a really cool idea. I just might have to try it sometime. :3 Drawing isn’t my strong suit, but I can see how it could really help to visualize the story world and characters.

Eeek! You listen to Sickick’s Infected? His music is great :3 Xkito’s channel is awesome as well.


Haven’t explored much Sickick, still slowly easing myself into my love of electronic/alternative, and also discovering more rock


We seem to have very similar taste in music xD I found their stuff back in October 2017.

That is a really powerful version of the song. The piano is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


My favorite version of KDV, actually favorite anything from them


I have a vague idea of what I want each chapter to be. I have an idea for a chapter I am currently calling Merrideth’s Secret.

I kinda want to separate the characters and write each one’s timeline separately. Then try and piece it together.

I kinda want to write more about James past. Not sure if I want to keep it as snippets in dream sequence.

I am still trying to get through the history texts.

I have no time to write. Although Friday night I have all to my self from 6-9.