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I like some electronic/alternative music, but I can be a bit picky. Slowly getting back into my love for rock. Will listen to pretty much anything if I’m feeling like it tho xD


You guys are definitely giving me a playlist for work tomorrow :slight_smile:


Oooh I love it :smiley:


One of my favorite Nothing More songs, it’s about mental health, drugs and self-destructive nature

But it’s so beautiful, found this song years ago, found Nothing More recently, name was familiar, looked around and found this song, connected the dots.

I listened to this song during some of the darkest times of my life on REPEAT and still know the words and am in love with it.


I can’t seem to stop listening to either of these two songs lately.

Oh the ideas for a future point in W.B.F…


Still have Jenny on my old phone, which I still use for music when my data is too slow to get Pandora to work.


These all sound like great ideas! Now you should try expanding on them. :slight_smile:

I sense 3 hours of writing time. It could help to make a commitment to writing during those hours on Fridays. Even scheduling it into your day could help :3


I’m glad! :grin:


Also, LOVE Nothing But Thieves, PATD!, and others I can’t think of right now


Something about this song sounds so nostalgic. It sounds similar to stuff I listening to when I was younger, like Three Days Grace or Creed or something like that

Music can be a life saver for sure :slight_smile:


Really good motivational song by Nothing More and one of my faves:

Also has the singer from Papa Roach in it


I don’t recognize any of these names, but I’ll definitely be looking up some of their music soon


Those are some good New Year’s Resolutions though


I love Nothing More!!


These are two of the songs that are close to me for reasons. They’re wonderful


Anyway I am off to bed.


I love a few of Papa Roaches songs :smiley: This sounds great!




K goodnight Silver Dragon rest well :blush:


Real nostalgia here for the earlier 2000’s and 2010’s!