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I love music from around that time best it seems


I’ll post more here tomorrow, and bring some more glorious music to share :slight_smile: It was great talking to all of you tonight! I’m gonna try to finish writing and go to sleep. It’s 1:16 AM here. O-o


yo, same here!


I leave you all with this. I’m done now I swear xD This is one that all coffee addicts will probably love






My alarm this morning:




I hate begin a girl


Uh oh


Time of the month


I figured


You are up bright and early


same, especially since your family gives you crap for it






That’s not fair!


Hey I grew up with 4 older sisters. This is no laughing matter.


I get told to take something all the time. Since I have zoey. I told daddy it’s his turn to watch her. Since this around of the time of the month. It’s making me sick. I want to cry


I can’t wait to move the eff out