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Also, my cat almost made me cry last night


How old are you.




She was upstairs and unafraid for the first time in her life, for the first time in her life she left my room and wasn’t scared in TWO YEARS almost


Almost 17, I’ll be graduating at 17 and as soon as I’m able I’m going from part time to full time so I can be able to get my own place.

I’ve been living with my dad since I was about 4 but we don’t have much of a relationship.

Our conversations are always initiated by me and consist of these things: money, school, going places and food


Hello everyone!


I missed a lot xD


Hey there! How goes the day?


Pretty good. How about yours?


That’s good to hear. Mine has been good as well, thanks.


I’m considering extending my deadline for W.B.F.'s first quarter. It’s already Thursday and I’ve only written 4,862 words. Need 15k if I’m going to finish the first draft this year comfortably.


You guys won’t be seeing me as much. I’ll be getting the switch soon


I’m not dead…if anyone cares


Understood xD


Was wondering where you were. How goes it?


Plus I’m not feeling good. Cramps and begin blah.


Those are terrible >.< Hope it gets better soon


Just got the strangest phone call. My apologies it’s explicit.




Ikr. They didn’t even have the courtesy to leave a message. :confounded: