The Grimorium Club Xll - Come and Chat Fellow Fantasy Writers! (OPEN - WELCOME BACK GRIMMIES!)


How goes it?


Hey fellow grimms! Whats up?


OMG!!! 4 Grims online at once!!! I must be dreaming


Nothing much just recently took a break from offline stuff for lunch and wanted to stop by here for a few minutes. You?


It’s shocking isn’t it?


Heh dreaming. Nice pun xD


Cool and im not doing too much just taking care of some cosplay stuff and trying ti motivate myself to write


Sounds fun :slight_smile:


If I disappear for a while I should be back later. Have some other offline stuff to do.

I need coffee.


When do you not need coffee?


Whoaa what a blast from the past


Yo!! Been a while how’ve you been?


Sup Spicy!


Simple: never.


Hey there Sweets! :slight_smile: Welcome back to the Grim thread.


All bow before the one true Queen of Wattpad!!! Your Majesty it is a pleasure to serve you. Sweeping bow


LOL, I think not xD Um, can you magic up some writing inspiration? My imaginary friends are being annoying right now.


You could always check. Out my collaborative thread. Lol


Or we could play a game.


Oh, the one you sent a link to? Idk, I would but I’m terrible with pirate stories x)