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Or, perhaps some Grimmies could do me a huge favor if they don’t mind and answer these questions:

(Edited to remove possible spoilers)


You don’t have to write about pirates, I know my part was more a cuddle on the beach scene


Am I trying to hide my true nature or am I out there. Do the people believe in magic in the “real world”


Idk, perhaps I could stop by there later and try writing something. Don’t want to get into too many other character’s heads rn for fear of losing writing inspo o_O

(Edited to remove possible spoilers)


What is my purpose in the real world?

Am I there by accident or am I on a mission of some sort?

How do I feel about the person who knows?

Seeing as I am of royal blood to I respect the rules of the faerie or am I a rogue looking to change them? (ie do I respect authority?)




Was I given any instructions before being dumped?

What is the nature of the human that found me. Is he/she wary of me? in awe? Helpful? Older or younger? What is their role in society?


Is this helping at all?




Does the teen have a special place? A secret place?
Maybe a park or the zoo? Or better a library where he might teach the faerie some history.

Is there someone or something trying to foil the faerie’s plans to be king?

Is there a language barrier between the human and faerie?

Does the faerie have other magic? Could it be used to help the humans in some way?




If it hasn’t been written yet, maybe find some way that the human/s gets into trouble or get sick and the faerie has to save him/her or multiple humans perhaps some kind of catastrophe fire, weather, etc.


I’d thought about trying to work one of these things in, and then a conflict arises afterwards that’s unrelated, but is made worse by said thing.

I’ve mostly pantzed this story since November (put it away after the first week of NaNo, tho). All I have to work on is notes. xD But that ‘thing’ should be coming in pretty soon. What I’ll likely have them do is have a few more mundane experiences, with some trouble moments coming in here and there, and then things should take off. The zoo idea is really good, though, so thanks!

Note: I’m going to delete my other posts in case others see any potential spoilers… because paranoid.


Okie dokie well I hope my questions/suggestions helped


Thanks :slight_smile: And they did help. Just don’t want leave too much about the story out there as it’s not on WP yet.


That’s cool


So I messed around with that Scrivener software. It is pretty good, it definitely helps you keep all of your stuff organized. I tried the compile thing to export it as a novel and what I have written 11000 words was about 59 pages. I guess I need to get working


That sounds great. Organization is good. Wait. 11,000 words is only 59 pages? How do authors write for a living… I mean it makes sense when you think about it. But 11,000 words is a lot to write .-.


Yeah if I write 2000 words for each chapter I have planned, it would be just over 180 pages


Well, look at the bright side. If you take the quality over quantity approach, 180 pages are pretty decent.