The Grimorium Club Xll - Come and Chat Fellow Fantasy Writers! (OPEN - WELCOME BACK GRIMMIES!)


I know right? But man y’all can talk. I step away for a while for my work shift and poof! 47 new messages.


Well that’s just part of our DNA! XD I’m not saying I’m a veteran here but I’ve definitely seen better days here than now lol :smiley:


Haha like take up 10 pages of thread in a hour lol


True that. And id be lying if i said i wasn’t used to this. I was here since the very first thread.


Than your older than me here! XD


I’m just from the 4th to 6th era I suppose~~


shrugs i guess. I need to pop in here more often though. I used to be so active here. Now, not so much. That needs to change.


Yeah, and some iconic faces don’t go here anymore, like Fay and stuff. But yeah I only go here when I finish a chapter of my work so yeah that attitude needs to change xD I can feel like I need to finish my work before coming here ya feel me??


Lol yeah, xD


Welcome back! :slight_smile: Ikr? It seems we’re managing to keep the thread kicking for now.


Hahaha, sorry 'bout that xD


I choose the worst times to sleep/take a break from WP. Two other Grimmies came about while I was away.


What’s this conversation in the thread that didn’t involve me? Could this be the revival of the thread?


Dunno. But I’m thrilled to see more Grims here :slight_smile:


Sorry been trying to get the new kitty to come play with me.


No worries. And she’s adorable!


I think she’s a keeper. I think she’s going to need a few days to adjust. She doesn’t like the TV or radio. Plus she and her brother were separated. Another family adopted him today too. She needs time to get used to the new surroundings.


That’s understandable. New home to explore, new people to meet, no brother around. Sorry about the brother not being able to stay with her. But they’re both young so hopefully they’ll be able to accept it a little easier.


Yeah there was a family that came right before us. I was hoping they would change their mind about him, but I hope he gets a good home.


Aww, that’s too bad. Yeah, hopefully he’ll have a really good time with his new family. Cats are amazing companions.