The Grimorium Club Xll - Come and Chat Fellow Fantasy Writers! (OPEN - WELCOME BACK GRIMMIES!)


Oh my gosh you got one! Shes soooo cute!


Hey again Dreamer!


She’s hiding under the couch because I have some music on.




Hi my queen!


Hi dreamer.


Hey my fellow grimm!


It’s 10:30 and I haven’t written a bloody word today. Argghhhhh Dx


Me either, but I am in kitty heaven.


I envy you! Kidding x) Kittens are so fun to play with. They’re such little bundles of furry fun. ^^


She is laying on my chest right now.


Awww. Beware the claws. Got a scratch to the chin once from one of mine that way lol.


I was only abke to write a paragraph more. I wish i could write more so i can get the first chapter out


You can do iiittt! :smiley: Writing down ideas, developing characters through by writing about them in various situations, and world building all seem to help get the ideas/inspo flowing.

I’ve somehow managed to spit out 713 words so far. Need 1,667 to meet my goal. I have no idea how I’m even writing again, but my luck the writing inspo will leave me and then no writing will be done for another 2 years xD


I know the feeling. I want my muse to stay but shes as fickle as Estelle.


Or getting a billion questions asked of you when you ask for advice :joy:


Lol, I believe it. Writing is a tricky thing indeed.


What, the questions you asked about the secret project last night? Those are also quite helpful to get from people :3


I am glad. I was just giving dream another avenue to explore.


Can anyone help me describe skin color?