The Grimorium Club Xll - Come and Chat Fellow Fantasy Writers! (OPEN - WELCOME BACK GRIMMIES!)


Hi everyone I am newhere.

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Welcome to the club


You’re one to talk :unamused: :joy:


Hi welcome to the Grimorium Club :slight_smile: How goes the day?

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Pretty much fun having my coffee time :smile:
What about you ?

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Coffee time sounds like a blast. The day goes good for me also. Hoping to edit a story soon


You like coffee ? … oh it sound grate I will check out your books.

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Who doesn’t like coffee, all writers need coffee.


I do! I often refer to myself as a mad coffee addict. Why thank you, but you don’t have to of course

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Haha right coffee is love for all writters. So what is your favourite genre ?

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Fantasy/Dark Fantasy


Same here it’s like I survive on just coffee ! What about your favourite genre ?

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It sounds like you’re a true coffee addict :joy: I can’t really pick a favorite genre. I’ll read anything that’s well written, but I find myself gravitating towards fantasy and mystery/thriller stories most often. Yourself?

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Same here I will read anything that seem appropriate and draw everyone in it. I think we got some common things here :joy:.

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Oh I have to go visit my cousins so bye, it was fun talking to you both.


It would seem so xD

Nice talking to you as well. Have a happy Saturday!

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Come back anytime


We have hit another dead zone I see.

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I tried to keep a conversation going, no one was interested x(