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Chrome reads to you?


Yeah! I have an app on Google Chrome that can read whatever’s on the screen, so it sounds kind of like an audio book with a Siri-like voice haha

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Interesting what is it called?


I think it’s called Read Aloud: A text to speech voice reader. It’s really helpful when I’ve got my hands full but still want to catch up on reading stories here :slight_smile:


Cool I will have to give it a look.


Anyone around?

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Ice cream is great. I’ve missed having it lol

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No worries at all. Can’t imagine how tough the move must be. Had no idea that Chrome could read stories to you tho… it sounds brilliant :smiley:

I’m doing well, thanks. Hope you’re doing well also :slight_smile:

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Barely o_O


puts note on ice cream container to stop eating it

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Eat it. Eat it all!!!

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Hahahaha no can do XD


Can’t and shouldn’t do are two different things.

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Very true :slight_smile:

But I can’t eat an entire carton of ice cream without being sick xD

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Details details…

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Hahaha sorry


Woke up (annoyingly) at 3 a.m. and saw that Missio’s new album was out. Just now getting to listen to some of the songs and my Friday has been made :smiley:

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I see

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What are you up to tonight?

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