The Grimorium Club Xll - Come and Chat Fellow Fantasy Writers! (OPEN - WELCOME BACK GRIMMIES!)




how are you doing?


Wow O.O It’s been months since I’ve been on the threads and everything has changed.




how is everyone doing?


Am I still welcome? Haha


GASP This chat is back yay!




We hope so, trying to lure more people back here.


hi guys




I hope we get it started again. This thing has been around since I first joined the site. Would hate to see it disappear. I’m surprised @ImperialSun isn’t here, I seem to remember them poking around all the time on the old threads.


I haven’t seen @ImperialSun on chat for awhile. I know he was at one point the co-leader of the club. we would have to ask @Avalyn1584 if he is still involved.



how are you doing? I been busy


I’m good. I hate that they won’t let you use the community link from your phone. Trying to get back into the writing game, it have been quite awhile since i have put any words down. I did complete the new club prompt though, so that is something.


that’s good.


How about you? What’s new and exciting?


@all I just learned today that if you download the discourse app on your phone, that you can add and access the community chat there without having to be on a PC.


This is so much better!!