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There are demons, aliens, humans in this family…


Sounds like a lot of different roads to travel down.


Yea. They want the get rid of the curse, but they can’t find the wizard.


So the Wizard cursed them? or he is supposed to help them remove it?


The wizard cursed them


hmm I may have to read this one if you get around to writing it.


The universe can change at any moment. To where there are zombies or the one of members are doing a drug ring. Etc.


That sounds like one heck of an acid trip to write.


That is funny.


Well, it could be a blessing or a curse (no pun intended) on the one hand there are plenty of things to write about on the other that may be a bit confusing to the reader as well as the author. Not saying it can’t work, Just seems like a great undertaking.


True. It depends how bad it’s annoys me


That sounds great.


It’s sound the story would be good.


I really need to get back to writing my story. I just don’t have the time.


I Know the feeling.


yeah tonight it’s guitar lessons


I’m cooking tonight.


yeah it will probably be a fast food night =/


I’m making steak mash potatoes. Green beans too.


sounds good what time is dinner lol.