The Grimorium Club Xll - Come and Chat Fellow Fantasy Writers! (OPEN - WELCOME BACK GRIMMIES!)


I made Ribs last night.


In a few minutes or so. I have to some dishes.


Yummy. I made bacon and eggs this morning


Dang it. Just getting ready to go get the kids.


I will be getting the baby down for bed soon


Wow this place has stayed busy today!


Lol I was bored. Me and @silverdream88 had a good conversation.


We had a very good chat. Ahahahabab.


I can tell x) It’s nice to see the thread so lively again. :smiley:


I’m back from my Son’s guitar lesson.


Baby down for the night?


She is watching a horror movie that daddy put on


Sorry disappeared for a bit. Sounds like fun


Brave she is. I’d be up all night xD


Lol. He change it. He gives in to me all the time. She is going sleep slowly. She is rubbing her eyes


Nice I need to get mine ready for bed soon to. He is working on his Valentine’s day box for school and I need to give my daughter a bath. Just trying to finish some things for work first. =/


Awww! ^-^


The baby is sleeping now




Hi again :slight_smile: