The Grimorium Club Xll - Come and Chat Fellow Fantasy Writers! (OPEN - WELCOME BACK GRIMMIES!)


Man this thread used to be so lively, now it seems to be barely breathing




Definitely digging that I can do this on my phone now.




I guess we are the only two around. I can’t say I blame the other this new chat interface is not the best.


Calling all Grimorium members/fantasy chatting buddies!
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Come out of hiding we want to chat!!


yea, it different. they can work it on it more. to make it better. how is the writing going


:eyes: long time no see
Personally I prefer these to theold threads




Hiya Spicy!


Hey. Can I enter too or is this Grim-members solely?




Thank you! Are you a writer as well?




What’s your current book about?


well, she was doing a spell, it backfired on her. end up cursing herself, she has a hell wolf by her side. her is magical.


I am not sure I follow. Your MC’s spell backfired, causing a curse that makes a hellwolf follow her?


I’m the eldest daughter born to a family of collectors. I was destined for greatness until I cursed myself attempting a magic spell. Everyone said I would be ok, that the curse would be easily removed. But all of that went to hell when the demon reared his ugly head. You see, he took out my eye and gave me a far deadlier one. Then he left me with a sword and pretty much turned me into the bane of my family. Everyone turned their back on me and left me on my own. I don’t need them however. I’ll get rid of this demon, this damned curse, and carve my own way in life. My father once told me to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. So let’s see how close me and this wretched demon can get.


I… am a little bit lost.


peeks in and waves Ello.