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lol. its the story details


waves back hello


How are you?


im good


That’s good to hear!


Hey there :slight_smile: what’s up?

Don’t you dare say the sky or the ceiling or the likes


how are you


Uhhh… >.> Tall people? XD

It am trying to make this dang chapter sound good xD You?


I am well and yourself?


Nothing much over here.

What’s happening in the chapter? What are you struggling with?


good, trying to work on this chapter


I realized I am telling a lot more than showing and it is a fantasy world so I gotta show that… all while making it sound well. XD


I feel you


im working on two stories, it been while this thread is active.


Oh boy. Showing/telling is hell. Especially when in the examples it’s like:

“You’re fired.”

She exploded in anger.

“You’re fired.”

She stood up, slamming her fist on the desk. She had been a loyal employee for years, and then this?! This caused her to go beyond rage. She slammed her chair into the wall.

Like, they suddenly give much more information. You can’t compare the two


I was working on two. Put one on hold and the other I did for NaNo. I got my 50K and have 29 chapters so I am good for now xD now I have this one and uggghhhh xD


I get things like that xD but it is scenery and crap. XD or how someone looks xD
All the small details.


Ah, that is really easy to forget. Adding in details is really something you have to learn. I struggle with it, too


Ugh and I’m running on 3 hrs of sleep. I need a nap


Go nap!