The Hollywood Pitch Game


Hollywood is looking for the next great movie. And it could be your story! You the Hollywood Executive announces what you’re looking for and the next person responds with a pitch for their story and why it’s so great. Someone else will reply “sold” or “no.”

Ex. Person 1: I’m looking for a story about 2 young lovers who do something crazy.
Person 2: My story “Going to Egypt” is about a new couple Chad and Lily who decide to ditch school and travel to Egypt.
Person 3: Sold
I’m Looking for a story about a guy doing interesting things in a high school.

Note: When you’re looking for a story, try to be looking for something generic. Try to avoid something complicated like a story about a dog that can sing or a drunk lizard. Most people don’t have a story like that.

I’ll start off.
I’m looking for a story that centers on a ensemble cast at a high school going through life.


My story “Mathletics” is about a bunch of high school delinquents who are forced to sign up for the mathletes team after they’re caught smoking. (Good or nah?)



I’m looking for a story that involves teenagers escaping a slasher without being cliche, generic and stupid.


My story “Teacher’s Pet” is about teenagers who are at a sleepover when a murderer decides to pick them off, one by one. It plays itself off as a normal horror flick until the halfway point, where the seemingly “pure” Final Girl turns out to be the killer and the “slut” is the one who manages to get out.


No! (Sorry it just seem too similar to the movie that I watch awhile ago).

Now you have to tell me what story you want.


Okay… Sorry tho

I’m looking for a story about two people who hate eachother, but develop romantic interests for eachother due to external circumstances forcing them together. (Too specific or nah?)


My story “Death City” is a fanfiction of Soul Eater which set in an alternate universe and the protagonists live in different life. At first they dislike each other until they fall in love later on, (Sold or not?)


Not sold. It’s a fanfiction, and they don’t tend to do so well.

I’m looking for a story in which there is a good, healthy female-male friendship without it turning romantic.


My story What the Morning Brings is about a young boy named Ori who gets whisked up into a circus brimming with magic, mystery, and manipulation. He becomes friends with Woe, an enigmatic girl with a dark power, and the two rely on each other to escape the illusioned prison that is the Cirque de Reverie.



I am looking for a story about a character who has a pet snake that can talk.


…You set the bar too high, dude. Still, I have something! My story includes a character called Aquita. She has several animals than can speak English and Latin, and one of them is a snake.


Sold! (The original creator kinda made a bad suggestion tho)

I’m looking for a story about a stupid decision that forces somebody relatively sleasy to do something heroic.


My story Sky’s The Limit is about an alcoholic bounty hunter wanting to escape his past attempting to redeem himself by instead saving the life of a super-powered teenage girl and taking her out of the city. As a result, they both share the same enemies but he eventually learns to become the hero she never had and he never could be before.



I’m looking for a story about a bad boy who’s trying to make some changes in his life.


Ironically my aforementioned Sky’s The Limit could still count lol. But instead, I also have another story called Handyman of the Apocalypse, in which a man working as a janitor in a nuclear fallout shelter must redeem himself after accidentally starting a nuclear war that ended the world. As a result, he ventures out into the post-apocalypse to prevent another civilization from repeating his mistakes.


Sold… eh… sure, but that sounds a bit ridiculous. Make sure it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I’m looking for a story about somebody who looks into their past (or their family’s past) and finds something that changes their life forever.


Don’t worry. It’s supposed to be a satire on literally everything and a parody of dystopian stories, so it was DESIGNED to never be taken seriously lol

(Also I’m not actually offering a pitch; just clarifying something from my last response. I’ll let someone else offer the pitch)


my story is about a little poor boy whos loves to read and lives in the slums of a greatly poor region who through research at a library he walks to sometimes discovers that he is a lost descendant of his countries royalty and goes on a journey to meet his real family and reclaim his title.

(bonus: his ‘royal’ family are actually a bunch of corrupt douches and at first hes struck by royalty and luxury but realises that family isnt blood but love and his real family is the one he left, the family who took him in when he was younger and he goes back to his real family with his newly acquired money.)

i’m looking for a story about an ensemble cast of wildly different people from different backgrounds and ages and beliefs who all by the end are one big happy friend family.


YES. I accept. And you’re not supposed to ask for stories, but okay.

i’m looking for a story about an ensemble cast of wildly different people from different backgrounds and ages and beliefs who all by the end are one big happy friend family.


Yes my story involves a guitarist and her roommate/friends who is an Alien, a military killing machine monsters and a mythological creature. Each with different backgrounds and personality.