The Icey Empire

They Icey Emprire book club @IceyPenguinEmpire
is for anyone who wants help, support, and healthy feedback on their writing. Everyone can join, we encourage all genres. The theme of this club is over all is winter-penguins-ice. (if you don’t like it, don’t join)

The more readers and followers we get the better for everyone to showcase their work.
There are 3 people in charge of running this club in harmony. (That would include people with time management skills and loyalty)

** Members have to be active on Wattpad, and willing to read books, give genuinely helpful feedback to others. (at least once a month, there will be a mandatory group discussion/update, but any question will always be answered at anytime here on the forum)

Every club member has to follow each other on Wattpad and have a separate public reading list to show off all the current club reads.

please, only reply if you are serious about joining!


A bit chilly in here

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I felt this. I’d like to join.


I’m so happy, i really thought no one would reply! :smile: I’ve posted before and came up empty handed!

please follow the empire profile and i will pm you from my main profile @EmpressPenguin

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Oh yeah, sorry there’s no heating in the igloos either :joy:

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This would be my first book club but I would love to join!

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Hey, i’m new to Wattpad and trying to get the hang of this stuff and make some friends. I am active and interested in joining. What do I do?

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Hello everyone, :wave:
The Empire is my book club profile. I’m working on the book of information about the club and soon will post it. But for right now you must follow the profile and each other. (Me if you want) and you will get notified when the club is ready :smile:

Then we’ll share the book and start adding our books for a monthly book reading!


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Okay. Thanks :smile:

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Yay! I’m actually ahead. I’m already following you! I’ll follow everyone else!

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This sounds Cool. I want to join.

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Awesome! The more the merrier :smile:

Also, as mentioned at the begining. the club will have 3 people in charge, admins.
So, for that the two other admins. (beside me @EmpressPenguin) i will choose based on experience/capability and preference of books. (meaning: one person in charge of the Group 1= members reading Mature & LGBTQ rated books. And the other person in charge of Group 2 which would not read those rated books.)

@AmandaPenn I’ve talked with you a little and i think you could be one of those people in charge.(if you want)

I am writing a Sailor Moon Fanfiction which has 3 chapters written, 1 published, working on chapter 4. It’s called A Starlight’s tears

That’s cool, but I think you’re supposed to promote your story on the Share your Story category of the forums :slight_smile:

I was wanting to join the book club

I would be glad to.

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Oh okay. Welcome! Please follow @IceyPenguinEmpire

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The club’s book is almost ready. I just need to proofread and add some graphics! :laughing:

If anyone has any suggestions on banners, breaks, those gifs some people use :joy: that would spice things up!