The idea process


I simply start with a semblance of an idea - like a title or a scene - and then go from there.

To be honest, I don’t really plan out ideas for stories. When they come to me, I just start writing, et cetera.

Sure, I may continuously delete what I write because I don’t like how it’s going, but it doesn’t stop me from trying again and again until I like it enough to keep it, so.


I usually know as well. While this book is in 3rd person, the voice or main head that we follow is Elijah strictly because everyone else in the story is tailored around him: Elijah’s fiancee, fiancee’s father (who acts as a pseudo-father to him), and the vampire who becomes his lover. As much I adore the vampire (since he’s tattooed on my arm), I couldn’t tell this story through him, as Elijah is the perfect link to each character.

But, I do plan on a prequel/spin-off story told in 1st person in the vampire’s head, which will do well after already having been acquainted with the story through Elijah’s third person.


Nice :slight_smile: I tried that once and ended up going back and making a plan lol my stories get very rambling and unfocused when I try to write like that.


I have to have a fallout plan. xD I tried Pansting once and ended up planning anyway rotfl.


Fair enough, I suppose.

That said, I do tend to get caught up in the small details and not get much of anywhere at times in terms of writing, so…


I find that a loose plan to nudge me in the right direction works best for me. There’s enough room to improvise, but enough structure to give me a direction to go when I get stuck.


That’s how I do things too. I’m a Planster, I think. XD I like having that room where I can just do anything, but need that direction.


I’m bored so here’s a new question:

Where do you find your ideas come from? Do you have one thing (or a couple things) that you tend to pull inspiration from?

I love to learn so I find a lot of my ideas are weird spinoff’s of history or science articles that I’ve read. Like I’ll listen a video about how castles were designed while I’m doing the dishes and think “wow medieval history was cool, I wonder what would happen if there was a medieval world but in space” and then run with that idea


I have a little whisper of a premise and then try to derive an idea from that. It either takes a couple of months or weeks depending on what the idea is.


I uh… Get a vague idea of a concept and start writing :joy:

I wish there was some kind of process, but that’s really all there is to it. The minute I start writing, I also start researching for whatever is relevant. So I write, research, write some more, research, aaaand write more.

That somehow becomes a first draft. Not a very good one, mind you. It becomes slightly better during second drafting.


Nice, I don’t know if I could do that but I might try it, honestly sounds like it could be fun

I’m a very step by step process type person by nature so something outside my comfort zone like that might be fun


I definitely think it’s fun - but I can’t plan for the life of me. Planning just kills the story for me. But I definitely recommend trying out something new, just to mix things up! :smile:


different methods are always fun to try, so far I’ve tackled each of my projects in a different way


As strange as it may sound, my ideas come from the most random of things. The book I’m currently working on was inspired from a YouTube video I happened to come across. Then my mind just works to make up a scene based on that and work off of it. Characters are created and a plot is formed. Trust me, this isn’t a great “method” for creating ideas but that’s what it is for me. There are many books of mine that are half written with a half developed plot because I wasn’t fully into it. It literally just pops into my mind and I go with it for as long as I can. Sometimes I get a full book and sometimes like I said, I get half of one.


I just start writting and let things flow. I go back and re-read if I feel something doesn’t make sense in my head or if I feel like I might miss something. Hope that helps you in any sorts. Freewrite first that’s an idea then rearrange when you need to.


I have a predesigned plan of where the story is going by listing important happenings in order. Then, I just link them as I go along, writing the story.
As for ideas, most of them come from my own struggles, others come from music lyrics and a good amount actually comes from dreams.