The Kingdom of Malus.


Welcome! I am King Malus! This is the Sixth revival of my original thread. Here, we gather to be ourselves. Free from anything the world may expect from you. In here, the outside world doesn't matter. For I am the king. We can discuss any subject that you so desire, you can visit if all you want is to make friends. We really don't mind. We're a great collection of people, so I hope you'll stick around with us.

Now, to get this thread started. First off, this song will tell you all you need to know about this kingdom:

Who am I?
Am I not unique?
Maybe I’m not here at all
Look, the fakers
Blinding us with lies
The breakers of us all

Oh, it’s useless
What could it mean that we’re here?
Can we make a difference
If we don’t break outta here?

Wake up, get up, get out there
Raise your voice against liars
Feed your anger like fire
Why does nobody want change?

Just imagine you’re out there
Swatting lies in the making
Can’t move fast without breaking
If you hold on life won’t change

The fakers
Are all sick at heart
Their faces hiding their fear
They look down on
All the rest of us
Like they’re some special breed

Who’s the high lord
Who thinks he’s better than us?
Ain’t it a crime, that?
Is there a mission for us?

Who is that high lord …
Who’d kill a million of us?
And as the bell tolls
Is there no remission for us?

Wake up, get up, get out there
There’s more to life than their way
If you’d live you can not stay
Why does nobody want change?

Let your voices ring out, yeah
Take the mask off and be free
Find yourself in the debris
If you hold on life won’t change

Wake up, get up, get out there
Raise your voice against liars
Feed your anger like fire
Why does nobody want change?

Just imagine you’re out there
Swatting lies in the making
Can’t move fast without breaking
If you hold on life won’t change.


The Crazy Cake Crew:
@TheMCOfficial- King Malus (The one who wrote most of this stuffz. A great bud that can be real Malus sometimes!)
@Amyuqi- Official Cake Tester/ Thread Co-Owner (The one that does all the code you see! If you want to see more of this glorious stuffz, just scroll down a few posts…)
@Dani-Phantom- Candle of the Cake (Too cool to beat, the coolest cat on the street!)
@Ryo_Leo- Cake Ambassador (The sweetest doggo you’ll ever meet, Leo of Iris!)
@anamoo08- Maiden of Angel Cake (A sometimes scared, but mostly cute Anchilla.)
@TheRedRose17- The Royal Sweetness (A sweet mouse who sometimes gets a lil’ bit edgy.)

The Old Threads:
Wanna See the names of the thread? Just mouse over the link and wait for a bit! (I know, I coulda just written them! But this was cooler, don’tcha think?)

Thread One

Thread Two

Thread Three

Thread Four

Thread Five

The memories just keep on rollin’. Some great, some bad… mostly great though! :smiley:

The Thread Mottos:
:cake: “Come for the conversation, stay for the cake!” :cake:
:tea: “I’ll put the kettle on!” :tea:
:house: “Welcome Home!” :house:
:zzz::woman:t2: “The Calamitously Lazy Duo!” :man:t2::zzz:
:joy: “Stop standing in the sink, Anca!” :joy:
:tophat:“It’s show time!” :tophat:

Malus' Status Updates

23:50 (UK Time)
Update Status: Ongoing
I’m slowly starting to get back into writing, but, it’s not going to be easy and it’s already proven to be a challenge. I’ll need you all to back me as and when you can, especially since my mind is all over the place sometimes.
Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into it fully and we’ll be able to open the Cake Mountain again in the next thread. If not, then, I’m open to suggestions over what our next thread should be and how we’ll get more users in here.

12:19 (UK Time)
Update Status: Ongoing
I’ve lost any remaining residual passion I had for writing. In short, I hate it now. I cannot stand to see my own writing anymore, it’s awful, so I’m stopping indefinitely. I might have a change of heart and resume someday. But for now, I will not. This includes the thread’s story. I’m sorry, but, I can’t continue doing something that I don’t enjoy.
Good day to you all.

10:25 (UK Time)
Update Status: One-time
I’ve been pretty inactive these last few… weeks? I’m not even sure. But, I’m back and so I’m going to try and sort this darn thread out. Good morning to you all and I hope you have a good day.
Oh, before I finish. A Crazy Cake Adventure (The Cake story that’s being created in here) is going to resume. Either today or sometime this week. But, the things I’d like to declare:

  1. Each stage of the story is now going to heavily revolve around one character. They will have a personal story (arc) and that will be resolved in the stage. Stage Two is going to be based around Malus, since that character I have a good idea of what I want to do. I will be putting up a new poll so people can vote for who they want Stage Three to revolve around.
  2. I will be using the Cake Story to work with my story ideas. There will be references, characters and all kinds of stuff from stories on my profile. Just so I can get a new feel for them. You’ll see this stuff popping up from time-to-time. I’m running low on ideas for this story (Though I have enough for a while) feel free to toss an idea or two at me. Even if I don’t use your exact idea I can at least consider options and such.

03:50 (UK Time)
Update Status: Resolution
I’m feeling better, so now there are no announcements to be made! Good day to you all!

17:49 (UK Time)
Update status: Resolved
I was planning on writing an update for today, I really was… but I don’t feel very good. I’ve been suddenly hit with this horrible feeling of negativity and now all I want to do is curl up in bed and stop moving. So, if this passes soon then I’ll think about doing the update. If not, I’ll do it tomorrow.

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Just a collection of music I listen to when writing.

[Persona 5 ost]

[Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight (Dancing Star Night)]

[Persona 4 ost]

[Persona 4: Dancing All Night]

[Persona 3 ost]

[Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight (Dancing Moon Night)]

Just gathered as many as I could.


King Malus’ Associates!


New Cake Thread
It's a new thread!
But we haven't been fed!
We gotta bring out the cake!
That we're all gonna take!
Drinks and Things
You ask what drink?
I don’t need to think!
Tea, for the soul!
Always a leading role!

We welcome all!

Code and poem by @Amyuqi
I’m a duck! -->


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