The Kingdom of Malus.



but hiiiiii


Well, it’s you. So, yes VERY CRAZY! XD


Haha, what’re you confused about?

Also, welcome!


I don’t know I just got a laptop and my phone doesn’t have the community setting so this whole chat thing is new to me


well a crazy little mouse then I guess but anyways except me living up to my spirit animal on here

how are you


Ah, well you’re using it correctly so far so you’re doing better than some new people. XD


I always expect you to live up to your animal! XD

I’m doing good. Just waiting till it’s dog feeding time! XD


Alright, kudos to me for that


Haha. Yup. But if there’s anything particular you want to know I can probably tell you.


How is everyone doing?


yep well a hyperactive cute little mouse apparently

I’m in a good mood roll with it

why aren’t anyone else feeding the dogs Matty


I’m doing well! I need to bring my plate out from my room but I’m too lazy to get up. XD

How’re you?


well I’m in a good mood which is weird



Yup. That sounds correct to me! XD

You’re in a good mood? Wow, I gotta go with this while I can! XD

Because I’m the one tasked with it. XD My mum takes my brother up, washes up and moves clothes around upstairs.


Well, I’m sick and didn’t go to school which will surely bite me in the ass, but at least I got the motivation and time to write a chapter and some lyrics for songs.



Yeah everyone knows it doesn’t happen often

funnnnnn notice the sarcasm


Oof, you’re sick? What’s up?

You’re lucky to have the motivation. I had to force myself today. XD


Yup. At the very least it’s rare for you to say you’re in a good mood. XD

Oof, well it could be worse. It’s not like it’s a hard job. XD


no- okay that’s actually true but it’s just because it feels weird to be in a good mood because I’m either used to being in a depressed or angry one or a in between one

yeah true but still


Doggos are cute! Remind me to read some of your stuff and to follow you.