The Kingdom of Malus.



I know what you mean; I was in an unusually happy mood the other day. Just savour the moment! XD

Still, what? XD


That they are! Even if these three like to play up while I’m feeding them! XD

Okie dokie. I’ll be sure to do that! XD



I have no idea honestly XD


Oof same girl. I have been so depressed and anxious because of my future lately.


I am about my past and things


What’re you up to?

Welp, that’s pretty much the response I expected. XD


Ugh I get that. It sucks.


listening to music out loud while getting orders from my aunt I’m the guest why do I have to do things

yeah I’m predictable sometimes XD


yep but that’s life


Oo what type of music do you listen to?


The Chainsmokers right now


Oof, those are the two things I don’t like! Listening to music outloud and getting ordered around. to a degree… XD


Oh! Have you listened to the Chainsmokers and the 5SOS collab?


well says the one feeding the dogs

and same we have established that I do what I want in school why can’t I get away with it here is that too much to ask

and same but my phone is charging


yessssssssss it’s sooooooooo good


oh my god yes! I’m obsessed with 5SOS’s new album though


Someone has to do it. XD

Yes, very well established. XD

Oh. I have that issue when I need to charge my Ipad and my earphones. I get stuck not being able to listen. XD




My name is Maria btw, just so you don’t have to say my whole username lmao


yeah my cousin is dragging me tp the kitchen