The Kingdom of Malus.



Oh no


Ah, by nature I’m rather quiet cause I’m a Brit. XD


funny what are you doing




Oh no?


Aye, accents are the best honestly.


But there’s far too many of them! XD


That is true. My favorites are Australian, British, and Irish.


and yes I know that there are different british ones.


But, which British accent do you like better? XD


Well, I mean I haven’t heard them all. I’ve only heard like three.


Oof, three? Then you’ve only had the tip of the iceberg. XD
And actually, when you say “British” do you mean British, or English? XD


English oops


I’ve heard ones from Plymouth, London, and another place I forgot.


Well, plymouth is in Devon. So… that’d be a west country accent.
London, that depends. That can be that horrible accent some younger people seem to have adopted, or can be Estuary English. (Which is mine. XD)


Estuary English? Explain, please?




It’s the accent we use in the South East.


What makes it different, though? I’m actually curious.


Well, it’s just what we use. It’s hard to explain. Like, if you think Gordon Ramsay, he’s got the South East English accent.
Then the West Country, it’s kinda… I dunno. They seem to pronounce their Rs a lot more than us. XD