The Kingdom of Malus.



and the ts? XD


I dunno about the Ts. XD


I gotta go feed the dogs. I’ll be back!


I should like study but I give up if I fail I fail


Okie, have fun


I’m back!

Oof, so you’re not gonna study?


Nop I am done with school. They have been throwing shit at us for a month literally I haven’t had time for myself and honestly I am done.


Ah, well I’m not someone who’s gonna try and convince you otherwise. XD


Good, haha.


Yup. Don’t have the energy to do it, and I quit school so I’d be lying about my opinion. XD


Really? What do you do now then?


I do nothing right now. XD


Fun xD


Eh, could be worse. I could be in college studying for something I don’t want. XD


I think I have to do that. Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian, but now I’m starting to doubt everything, because even though I love animals, I also love being calm and chill and writing and singing, but I don’t know how to make either of these things happen.
Oh my, I realized this is a full on rant now.


Well, none of those things are easy.
To be a vet you’d have to do a lot of schoolwork.
To be a writer (and actually make a living from it) you have to be good at it and do everything right.
I don’t know about singing. That’s probably the most luck-based of the three.


Except I have social anxiety XD I’m basically fucked.


Ah, I have social anxiety. That’s why I don’t do anything.


It can get better you know. Like I know it sounds and feels like it won’t but if you work hard for it it can and will get better. Like I’ve broken out of my shell by doing things out of my comfort zone even though it was hard and uncomfortable. You just have to accept your awkwardness and be okay with it. Sort of like accepting yourself.


I’ve already accepted myself. But, I’m not bothering to try and get better, I have no need for it. I just don’t leave the house, talk to the people I need to online and keep myself entertained. XD