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the love bug
hey there!! welcome to yes yet another new permanent thread of mine that is going to be dedicated to drum roll please… premade threads only. please read all the rules listed below before you request, enjoy!

if you can't find a premade thread you like, you're more than welcome to request a custom one here .

and if you are feeling generous or have some free time, please help me keep updating the premades by providing me with a fake request - the form is here and you may post it on this thread.

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home rules + payment premades form
the love bug
🐞 be mega patient + kind, i am a busy little lovebug and no stealing!
🐞 use my form only - if you’re confused by something just ask away.
🐞 no thread-hopping, requesting same graphic from someone else.
🐞 the more ideas and good images, the better. inspo can be tumblr themes - this is for the fake requests only.
🐞 first comes serve, you can't put a thread on hold etc.
🐞 once you've picked it up, must use within a week + link back.
🐞 the password is... your favourite fairy-tale, must have it in your form or you'll be denied.
🐞 credit is always a must.

payment is an honest 2+ comment on any story of mine + credit

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home rules + payment premades form
the love bug
just in case - you may now post

open [✓] closed for catchup [ ] closed [ ]

tagging: @byefromhell

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the love bug 🐞 requesting
premade title > kissing coral

new title > love heals

subtitle* > n/a

text [pastebin] >

name of links > just leave them

any small changes? > nope

anything else? > ily wtf. Cinderella

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yes yes yes I am here for all this beauty

girll what you talking bout xD beauty my ass lmao

@byefromhell heyo! your request is accepted, please complete the payment and tell me once it’s done aww ily too haha c:
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ugh tagging doesn’t work i didn’t see this! on it

payment is done x

delivery 🐞 for @byefromhell
click here for main thread and extra coding

hey there, here is a preview of your premade thread and extra coding. I do hope you like it, please let me know if you're happy with them and i'll pm you the codes. thank you for requesting at the love bug!! x

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i love it! please send the codes x

glad you do! i have pm’d you the coding x

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ahhhhh i love this thread

awww thank you!!

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it’s my birthday!!
because of this, the premade threads here are free till midnight tonight GMT+10 26th august so you better put your requests in now x

six hours left of free stuff!

the love bug 🐞 requesting
premade title > tech light

new title > neon

subtitle* > mostly free things

text [pastebin] >

name of links > examples, forms, profile

any small changes? > nope x

anything else? > can you maybe get a very simple subthread for requesting? if not that's fine! oh and it's still Cinderella

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@byefromhell heyo! your request is accepted, no payment needed as the request is free i’m a little busy so delivery might be a day or two sorry c:

thank you! i don’t mind waiting ^-^