The Medieval Dreams of the Stars: Poems of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Hello, this topic is for anyone who likes reading, writing, or talking about poetry that delves into the realm of science fiction and fantasy. I myself love writing poems with mythological underpinnings, feature unusual paranormal romances, or that take place in dystopian settings; so I thought it’d be cool to connect with other poets who might share the same interest with speculative poetry.


I’m interested why poetry of science fiction? :thinking:

I have not written most of this list, but science fiction-based poetry can combine a lot of emotional content with the settings and technologies that are prevalent in its novels. For example, imagine the poetic language one can use to describe exotic planets whose features aren’t possible on Earth, the desolation of being trapped under the sea in a broken research vessel, or the emotional journey of a transgender individual using nanotechnology to change themselves into who they want to be.

Since some people classify dystopian literature under science fiction, I kind of had a field day writing poems about people losing and reconnecting with others against the backdrop of a world that has fallen apart. There’s some intense emotional baggage in science fiction, so why let it go to waste.

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Oo o.o oh well my type of poetry isn’t that XD it is mostly emotion based

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Emotions-based is great too. I’m just a little bit of a nerd who can’t help adding a heavy dose of fantasy or science fiction to my writings. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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