The Mermaids Community Graphics Shop

Come check out a brand new shop by the Mermaids Community. All sorts of graphics including Trailers made by @-emmahayley- and book covers made by our whole team as well as banners, icons, etc. come check us out at @themermaidscommunity on wattpad!!!


Gack my phone just crashed and it said i shared it with someone sorry if this is spamming…

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Lol. Having a graphic shop here would be a good idea for the group, I think.

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What you mean by that exactly?

That maybe having a graphic shop in the clubs would help. Dunno.

Maybe we could put the same info and everything as the shop on the community page and we could do requests here but deliveries still through pm and posting in the book. Im not sure all our designers are on here

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Sounds good.

You shared it with me I think <3 Love it!

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