The misconceptions people have about Introverts (extroverts also welcome, not exclusive)



I KNOW!!! :jp: I’m happy I’m not super shy anymore or otherwise I might not go

I get really anxious in cities and crowds, but I’ve gotten better at suppressing that so I can go fun places


I think it’ll be easier overseas too - because… Who gives a shit about you doing anything that could be awkward? No one is ever going to see you again.




Oh the freedom of being a tourist :smile:


I’m am extreme introvert. And I am the stereotype. :rofl:

I used to be very outgoing as a kid, but then I got bullied, went into depression, and now I’m as shy and unsocial as can be. Though, honestly, I choose to stay this way because I hate people. Everyone is too judgmental, gets butt-hurt easily, are idiotic, and are now wanting to create another WW2. :unamused:

So… I like the comfort of my own home. Haha.

I’ve always hated the whole misconception thing because it can be annoying. I had friends that told me I should talk more. :roll_eyes: These were my extrovert friends. Like, I hate this so much. It’s not like I tell extroverts, “You should be quiet more.” :laughing:


Semi-extrovert, but still total introvert here!

That said, I tend to not speak to and/or open up to people until I’m more comfortable as well as have spent time around them and then, and only then, do I become more of a "semi social butterfly ".

Anyway, I’ve always been shy/introverted for as long as I can remember, so…


I’m an introvert but only when outside of my family.
I can spend months without seeing anyone and I don’t really feel lonely. I don’t get tired being with other people but I can get pissed if I see them too often (like twice a week and I don’t want to see them anymore).


I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m with my friends or in a social surrounding, I have this “gauge” type of thing that appears at the back of my brain, and at one point, it’s filled up with so much social interactions that it just gets too overwhelming and then I need to be on my own, while it lowers down…
Well that was weird. I swear I’m not crazy. :joy::joy:


I feel that so much. “You should talk more.” Or “you’re so quiet.” It’s like just let me be me. I don’t like talking nonsense. I’d rather observe and keep to my thoughts.


I used to be friends with a major extrovert. It didn’t work out well. She never understood why I wanted to hang out in private more. It was frustrating. My best friend now is an ambivert. She understands me. It all works out.


Just like your twin sister.


Haha, I figured. We are twins after all.


Thank you! I hate how people always misinterpret introverts as being shy and quiet, hating being around other people. Like, no? I’m very outgoing, but I sleep right after because, you know, it eats away at my energy like a parasite.


I know many of my introverted friends are very good at interacting in a social environment, to the extent that one wouldn’t even guess that they are introverts. Sometimes I think this introvert/extrovert binary is very arbitrary (at least in a public social context) and a sliding scale more than a this-or-that thing.


I think it really depends on the settings as well. For my part, I’m definitely more comfortable around my friends, but as soon as there are strangers… It’s another story.
I think that being an “introvert” (or not) relates to how comfortable you are in different situations… :woman_shrugging:


I would say that I am both an introvert and an extrovert, depending on the situation. If I am around people I know and love, I am loud and bubbly, but if I am near people I dont really know or arent comfortable around, i will probably isolate myself to avoid having to talk.


Being well on in years, I have learned social skills, and people don’t know that I’m shy. Being at a party is like having a vacuum cleaner applied to my soul. However, I never get invited to parties anymore. Now THAT’S being an introvert.


I believe your definition comes from Myers and Briggs.


im very introverted. this is probably the reason im a commuter, i dont like being around people for long periods of time. i need to recharge and i love my room. i also hate social gatherings. xD however, i am sociable (at least i think so… and my mother) and can talk to new people very easily.