The Naming Shop!



I’ve always have had trouble creating names for characters. Well, I’m going to at least try to fix that, for me and everyone else.

If you have a name you aren’t going to use (preferably unique), post it here! People can scroll through and maybe a name will catch their interest. It’ll help nearly all writers on Wattpad (if, you know, people see this thread).

Or it could die in a few days/weeks like a normal thread :wink:


Juliana Hernandez
Lilian Grace
Asher Greyson


Not really a submission but this site could help with that.


Baby name sites are always good. I managed to find one a few months ago when I was looking for my own name that let me find names compatible with my last name, but I haven’t been able to find it again. I imagine it would be handy if you need a name for a character’s relative or something.

But here’s some names I apparently thought of last year
F: Chelsey, Irene, Jane, Astrid, Kate, Ellie
M: Rafael, Garrett, Ren
N: Ilya, Blake, Gillian, Jules, Keenan

There was also for some reason only one fantasy-like name on the list: Loran.


Oh, and I also really like Jude and Valentine. They seem so dark and vampire-like. I might be biased though cause I have a huge man crush on Jude Law


MALE: Acer, Titus, Heath, Atlas, Asher, Dexter

FEMALE: Zara, Gwen, Luna, Angeline (Angel), Blair


You can use “Behind the name” :slight_smile: It’s a website for creating name ^^


Apple, Blanche, Daria, Iris, June, Clover, Lana, Katniss, Coco, Gigi, Kira, Jackie, Jocelyn, and Marli

Adin, Amos, Barker, Canon. Edsel, Huxley, Jayden, Kent, Monte, Reid, Sakari, Tyson, Uriel, and Wiley