The New and Undiscovered


Now that I’m done with NaNo, I am looking for stories to read when I get off work. Here is what I am looking for…

  1. Stories that are new on Wattpad
  2. Stories with less than 100 views
  3. Stories with less than 6 chapters
  4. Stories that you are currently working on

I do work 3rd shift, so when I come home, I am looking for something to read that is new and won’t take me a whole lot of time to finish.

Really quick, just so you know, the 3 categories I generally don’t read are…

  1. Erotica
  2. Sci-Fi
  3. Teenage Drama Stuff

Thanks in advanced for your suggestions


Well, mine qualifies for all those except not being more than six chapters. But they are short chapters…so…


I suppose mine doesn’t really qualify. I’m at just over 100 reads. Sigh. :confused:


Mine doesn’t qualify since it’s LITERALLY teen drama


Shoot it to me anyway Tess. I’d love to check it out


Shoot it to me anyway Bings. I’d love to see it


Send it my way. I’d love to see it


Mine qualifies for everything but the teenage drama stuff. Ugh.



Here is the link to my profile. The story is Starrunners


Mine is longer than 6 chapters unfortunately, but it’s quite newly published and has about 50 reads. Is that okay?


Mine may qualify :slight_smile: Intro-chapter three are posted and it is my first book on Wattpad. It’s called the Isle of Ferrick, you can read it here:

I am updating it weekly on Fridays and I love some views/reads!


I have three chapters out, counting some over 100 reads (most of them are my own views, tragically) and it’s about norse mythology! If that qualify and you think you may like it, you can check it out :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to my profile where you can find it:


At the moment it’s sitting at 74 reads :slight_smile:


It’s got African language, but it’s translated's-nari


My pirate story Crossroads. I’ve loved it so much for so long and edited it a crap ton but I’ve been nervous about it not being received well. I think I’ve had an interesting take on making my own pirate universe. I’ve also gotten the courage to make the main character have a disability in the fact that she lost both of her arms. Granted, it doesn’t get in the way often because she’s learned to adapt. I’m also looking to include more diversity in general and want to make the book into a series. Unfortunately I struggle to finish what I start so fingers crossed.


Hmmm. If you’re into horror, I have a compilation of horror one-shots. It’s a lil over 100 reads (139).

Here’s the link:’s-over-but-the-nightmare-continues-one


You got my vote, Tess. Great job. I am enjoying your story very much


100%. Shoot me the link so I can start reading. Thank you.


Got it. Reading it now. Thank you


Oh wow. You’re quick. Thank you though.